Training with Tracy

My goodness I’ve been so busy today.. lots of brain work too. I must have a word with mum about getting me more fish, that’s good for brains isn’t it? This morning I went for my fortnightly lesson with Tracy. Poor Flynn still wasn’t back to work because he’s pulled a muscle in his shoulder so has to rest it. So instead of Flynn she had Pip with her. Pip was a real sweetie, a chocolate cocker that has a problem with growing! She’s kind of like a permanent puppy size and looks a bit like a cocker crossed with a doxie because she has short legs!

We had good fun together, I like it when Tracy brings one of her dogs to class as well. I know you’re probably expecting to see a photo of Pip but mum didn’t have her camera with her. She said it was because she had to bring my hoopy and a ball to class – get a bigger bag mum?

This evening we went off again for another sort of lesson! Yes, two in one day!! This was for a group training walk with some other dogs who want to get used to walking with other dogs. I don’t very often get to walk with other dogs so when I do it’s a bit of a novelty and I go a bit bonkers which is alright sometimes, but not always. So it was a whole bunch of introductions and getting to know my classmates.


Dexter was lovely and seemed pretty well behaved to me!

Sammy and Lucy

Sammy and Lucy are two rescue Springers. They’re both really nice  – poor Lucy isn’t allowed off the lead because she might not come back. Her mum and dad think that she was kept in a kennel for a long time when she was younger because she has doggy OCD and spends all her time watching lights and shadows.  Next there were two more black labradors called Phoebe and Maddy.

Me saying hello to Maddy & Phoebe

Tracy had brought another of her cockers with her for the walk – Inca, a 5 month old pup, black and just like I was when I was a wee pup!! She was very well behaved too but more up for a game than Pip or Flynn! She’s going to be a proper working dog and has her own diary on her mum’s website – Inca’s Diary

Setting off on our walkThats Inca sitting down next to her mum, doesn’t she look just like me when I was that age!!

Off we go.. on a lovely sunny evening

We walked all the way around the field and even stopped for a quick paddle in the stream.

I was last out..

We practiced our recalls whilst walking off lead but mostly it was just for us to all get used to walking in a group and being able to resist the urge to go bonkers all the time! I was a bit nervous at the beginning and didn’t quite know what to do, but after half an hour or so I’d made friends with everyone and was feeling a bit more relaxed and was ready to play a bit.

Almost at the end of our walk

When we got back down to near the bridge where we all met, we had a little debrief and then said our goodbyes!

Practicing eye contact

That’s rather a nice red lead she’s wearing… I don’t think I’ve got a red lead, I shall have to have words with my wardrobe assistant!!

Isn't she lovely?

Next week we’re all meeting up at the Sika Trail to go for a walk in Wareham Forest – it’s going to be such fun, I’ve been to other parts of Wareham Forest, but I’ve not been round the Sika Trail before.


~ by Teagan on April 8, 2010.

One Response to “Training with Tracy”

  1. Teagan:

    Your walking class looks like it was fun. You had a lot of Spaniels there. And even one called Sammy – like me!

    I feel sad about Lucy being kept in a kennel. My Kind Friend thinks I was a puppy mill dog before I was abandoned or escaped. And so I was kept in a cage the whole time. That’s why I bark a lot. And so I have to be on a leash all the time like Lucy. Because a lot of things can make me panic. And then I just bolt. But I am trying hard to learn other things. I hope Lucy can learn them too.

    But my Kind Friend used to have an English Springer Spaniel. She has him since he was 7 weeks old. But she said he was obsessed (Do you know what that means? I don’t. But it’s what she said. I think maybe it’s like bonkers?) with birds and their shadows. He used to try to chase the real bird in the sky and the shadow bird on the ground all at the same time. I think that would be tricky … Don’t you? Tricky and bonkers I think.

    And one time, when he was doing that, he ran right in front of a car near the Vet School. And the driver was a professor at the Vet School! He wasn’t hurt though. So that was lucky.

    When are you going for another group walk to learn not to be bonkers?

    Bye for now Teagan


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