Faster than a speeding bullet!

Friday was a friends day! Some days mum and I can do a whole walk and not see anyone at all.. and other days we meet lots of people and animals! First we saw Milly who was out in her garden, so we stopped to have a little chat with her.

Then we walked up past the field where all the cows go after milking – they’re a friendly bunch of girls.

And then we bumped into Fuzzy and Barney who were out with their dad. We haven’t seen them for absolutely ages and ages..

Fuzzy’s fur coat is growing out nicely. We had a chat with them before making our way up to the field where we stopped for a quick game of hoopy. We hadn’t been playing long when who should come up but Boudicea and Diddly so we all went on our walk together!

And this is me.. faster than a speeding bullet!

On my evening walk we didn’t meet anyone to play with but dad came with us so that made up for it! I forgot to mention that I’d been in one of my favourite puddles in the morning and got so dirty that mum had to give me a shower when we got home, so this evening when we went past my most favourite puddle dad actually picked me up and carried me!!

Just wait until tomorrow, I’m going to find the stinkiest possible puddle to make up for the indignity of being carried!!

The last bit of our walk was on the road and we got overtaken by a horse and trap..  if he’d had more room we’d have asked for a lift home!


~ by Teagan on April 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Faster than a speeding bullet!”

  1. Hi Teagan!

    You went on a lot of nice walks. I wish I could have been there. Because you met so many friends. I love to go for walks and meet friends. Especially I like to meet little friends – like my Shih Tsu friend. Because I can play with them. I don’t really know how to play with big dog friends.

    But … I just now learned how to play with my Kind Friend. It is really fun. I didn’t know people like to play before! Except she keeps telling me “No bite Sammy. No bite.”

    It was raining and cold here this weekend. We didn’t like it.

    Hope you have a great week Teagan – with lots of muddy puddles to splash in!

    from Sammy

  2. Always enjoy your blog and pictures and videos.
    My little doggy, Tinker sat in my lap while we watched and she enjoyed seeing you having so much fun.

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