My day for Jazzy!!

One of my bestest friends on twitter is @Jazzydacat and I told her I would make a little video for her so she could see me paddling in the stream. So I decided to make it into a little blogpost all about a normal day for me!

This is me by the gate as we take a moment to smell Daphne who smells absolutely gorgeous. I think I said that before but she is just so lovely I wish you could smell her too!

Mmmm perhaps you could try putting your nose a little closer to the screen? Ah well, enough of that.. it’s time for us to go.

Here we are walking along by the school.. this is where all the little Pixies go during the daytime to learn reading writing and arithmetic. We turn right at the end of this road into East Street and it’s along here that there’s a field doggies can run and play in. This morning I met two new doggies that I’d never seen before!

The big black one is 13 so a bit old to go running and playing, but I had a run around with the little one!

Isn’t he beautiful? BOL I bet I’d look like that if I let my fur grow, well, maybe just a tiny version! Anyway, that was this morning’s walk and I’m not including that here because this is just a short version of my day!

So,  here we are walking a bit further up East Street – the stream is just up past that tree.

And this is up past the stream, you can see where the road ends at the farm. Anyway, I’m not taking you on my big walk with me, so let’s turn round and go for a paddle – a quick paddle is all you’re going to get!! Get your cozzies on and your towels ready!!

After a walk I usually find myself a comfortable chair and have a nap. Because I sometimes have the odd “dog crumb” lingering in my fur, mum puts throws on all the furniture. I really don’t like throws very much and do my best to get rid of them and any cushions that are taking up space. I’ve found a new fun game to play.. hide and seek!

Now that the evenings are light we go for a second, or sometimes it’s our third, walk and tonight we walked up West Street and then into the sheep field. The field was empty this evening so we decided to walk on a bit further but we saw my new friend Beau walking up the lane with his dad. He’s been to school too and was being good walking to heel. Well, sort of.. he was a bit eager to get up the lane to see me!!

Here we are going bonkers together! We do a lot of barging into each other and chase round and round!

It’s a bit difficult to take pictures of us because we run so fast and mum’s a bit slow with the camera! After we’ve been running around for a while we’re both pretty pooped!

What a great way to end the day!!


~ by Teagan on April 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “My day for Jazzy!!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. Always enjoy the pictures and videos.

    • I have my detective hat on now… so you have 2 dogs and 4 cats? Do any of you tweet? I hope you have that many.. mum’s yahoo name is furry3cat but as we don’t have any cats any more :o( she should really change it to bonkers1dog BOL. See you again soon. Teagan x

  2. Wow, you got a rilly good life there T. Looks like its nice in your oart of the werld. Woof

  3. looks like fun Teagan… Jazzy is one of my BFF’s as well, she’ll be so happy to see this! I’m going to tweet u, as I fink I have a surprise for you from Australia!!! @Isagold xox

    • Hello Isagold! All my days are fun!! Oooh I loves surprises, especially ones from beautiful puddy tats. You and your sisfur are sooo gorgeous and you snuggle so well together! I look forward to seeing you again soon. Teagan xx

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