The days before…

What a great week this has been! On Monday mum took me over to Hilary’s for my pre-birthday pamper session… I should have gone a couple of weeks ago because I’d grown a little bit fluffy!

Before... don't laugh at my fuzzy legs!!

As the weather is getting warmer and we’re also getting into the sticky burr season, I decided to go for the easy-care low-maintenance look.

Does my bum look big now?

In the evening we went over to visit Granny – she’d asked us to pick up my birthday present because it was rather big and she was tripping over it. I was allowed to open it early!!

Roger the Raccoon!

Have you ever seen such a big plushie? I was a bit off with him at first but then I found that I could grab him by his tail and give him a good whapping.

On his back and helpless!!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went for some nice long walks, right up Anderson Lane and across to Coll Wood and back round down to Muston Lane. The weather was lovely – blue sky and sunshine.

Nothing but blue skies... from now on

This is just at the end of the track before we get to the great big muck heap. We’ve not met anyone there before but this week we met a family of ducks! Hmmm I think mum’s camera is full of dog crumbs, just look at all those blobs and hairy bits. Can’t imagine where they came from!

They didn't wait to say hello..

Since my last  impromptu paddle in the fragrant waters I’ve been put back on the lead whenever we walk by the muck heap. The heap has been growing and it smells just divine.. but I wasn’t allowed to investigate.

Tempting isn't it... and oh so fragrant..

The whole walk is around two hours long so when I get home I have a stick of tripe and then settle down for a nap.

Shhhh do not disturb

On Wednesday my friend Milly came round to play again – she came last week and we had such fun that mum asked Sylvia if Milly could come again to play. Both of us go really bonkers and race round and round while our mum’s have a cup of tea.

We do a lot of play fighting!

Later on that day mum and I walked up Bagwood Lane and stopped to look at the oilseed rape which was glowing in the late afternoon sun.

Melting mellow yellow

On the way back down the lane we bumped into Barney who we have only seen once or twice before – he’s eleven years old and very handsome with a lovely big black spot on his back and black spots on his ears too!


We did some serious sniffing together..

An exciting few days leading up to the big event on the 29th – my birthday!!!


~ by Teagan on April 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “The days before…”

  1. Fantastic bloggy and piccies as always!! Love you lots! Jazzer XXXXX

  2. Oh! and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Roger The Racoon!! He is as BIG as you!! Give him a good wapping from me!! MOL! BOL! XXX

  3. Oh such a beautiful story you have Teagan. I love your summer coat. Roger the racoon looks almost bigger than you! But even so, you got him pinned down! BOL! Such a lovely read. Thank you for writing. AnnieBella

  4. That looked like a great day T. I like the look of Milly. A bit of BT in there mebbe

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