My Second Birthday!!

This time last year I had a big party for all my friends because I was a whole year old.. no more counting my age in weeks or months! I was a little bit grown up.  If you missed out on my party you can have a quick recap by visiting my Blogger blog to read all about it. But this year I didn’t have a party.. mummy and daddy say I can have one next year when I’m 3.. because that’s 21 in dog years!

Anyway, it was MY day today… and it started off really well – I stayed in bed late with mummy and I opened my presents! I love presents.. I got a lovely yellow collar with cupcakes on it from mummy and a gorgeous blingy collar and matching lead in a parcel from my twitter friend @jazzydacat ! The yellow collar was from a shop run by my twitter friend @Chunkythedog on his website Chewed Slippers!

My gorgeous pressies from Jazzy!!

After I’d had my birthday breakfast we went out for a walk – the day before we’d seen the men from the Council fixing the bridge over the stream so we came home across the cow field so we could check it out! It used to be a bit of a wreck with bits falling off and was a bit dangerous..

This is "before"

but now it’s wonderful and looks like it’s going to last for years and years!!

The fab new bridge!!

It smells a bit new but I’m sure it’ll weather in soon and look like it belongs there! When we got home from our walk, Mr Postman had been to visit and I had another parcel to open!! Oh me, oh my, my little heart was going pitter patter pitter patter because it was from my California friend @MrKiplingWoof !!

Pressies from Mr Kipling!!

It was another gorgeous new collar and some absolutely scrummy delish chocolate covered bone treats!! Goodness me, that’s 3 collars for my birthday.. I think everyone knows how much I love my collars!! Every girl should have at least one for every day of the week, preferably two!

Showing my friends one of my new collars

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, we also had a visit from someone I’d not met before – Jack and his mum Maggie who we also met on Twitter!!

Jack!! Spooky.. he looks almost like me!!

Jack is Maggie’s new doggy and he’s younger than me.. but he was very friendly and we had fun running around together! We’re going to go out for a walk together one day soon.

Jack making himself at home

Isn’t he handsome with that lovely white chest!! He gave me a lovely red tuggy toy and a HUGE bag of gravy bones..  Oh, I almost forgot.. one of my other twitter friends @AnnieBella021 sent me a card too! Isn’t she just the cutest?

Anyway, as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day.. in the evening Aunty Helen and my best mates Tom and James from next door came to see me and brought me more presents!!

My mate Tom de-tagging my new duckie!!

They gave me a gorgeous lead, in pink & purple summer colours, a chewy throw toy and a fabby new duckie… a dog can’t have enough of those duckies, I have two duckies and a pheasant now, and they all make great noises when I play with them. I also had a card from all of them, including Checkers and Fiddick the cats, Shirley the fish and Cleopatra, Aphrodite and Henny the chickens!! The chewy toy didn’t last long, I munched that up with great gusto!

Me with my "HAPPY" birthday smile!!

Birthdays are just the greatest aren’t they.. well, they are when you’re a dog and you’re only two years old! Here I am with my new duckie, the fabby red tuggy toy from Jack and Ronnie Raccoon that my granny gave me!

Birthday toys!!

My birthday wasn’t quite over because when daddy came home from work he was carrying a big pink box!! It was from my friends Maja and Shelby, Auntie Susie & Uncle Rich!!

Wow.. a big pink box for me!!

So, wearing my new collar from Mr Kipling, I had great fun opening another parcel to find out what was inside it.

There's food in here somewhere, I can smell it!

Well, there was definitely food in it, but it didn’t last long – some nommy tripe sticks tucked down the side of the box, gave me just enough energy to finish unpacking the box!

Dog Lips?

OMD dog lips… why does everyone like taking pictures of me when I’m doing something silly.

No no no... they make me look silly

In the end I gave in as I knew I wasn’t going to get any peace until they’d got a photo of me wearing the darned lips.

This is as near as you're gonna get..

So now I start the countdown until my 3rd birthday – don’t forget the date for your doggy diary!!

~ by Teagan on April 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Second Birthday!!”

  1. I just think you should really be a best selling Dorset author. You relate a short story in an enchanting way.

    Brill photography too. Woof!

  2. hello Teagan, My Ma lsot the link for your blog and somehow we missed your recent posts! (Can’t get the staff). What a fantastic birthday you had. Collars were the ‘present of the moment’ – what beautiful presents – and I agree with you, a girl can never have too many! BOL! I am glad you liked my ‘Photo Card’ to you! It’s the first one I have ever made for any of my furiends! I am looking forward to your 21st (sorry….3rd) birthday! Lots of Westie Wagging of Tail! Aniie XXX

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