The tall and the short…

We had a scientific day today looking at things from different points of view and all because we got inspired after we found the hole in the ozone layer! Yes, we found it!! The only problem is that we’re not quite sure who we should contact to come and fill it in. Answers on a postcard please.

The hole in the ozone layer

I’m sure a lot of dogs have noticed that they don’t always get the same view of things as their taller human friends.  While I’ve been out on walks just recently I’ve noticed this quite a lot. It’s especially noticeable when I’m minding my own business walking along a tractor tyre track… in the cool shade.

Little and Large

This was taken on the 1st May when the oilseed rape wasn’t very tall. It’s growing taller every day and is now about the same height as mum.. okay, so that’s not very tall, only a few inches over 5 foot, but that’s still tall when you’re a dog that’s only 15″ short!!

Freshly cut footpaths

This is the footpath up through the rape fields opposite our house. The farmer has been very nice and cut the footpaths for us – it was getting too tall and we were having to walk around the edge of the field instead of using the path. This is now my eye view of our walk.

Dogs eye view

And this is the humans view

Human's eye view

Whereas before they cut the paths it was like this.

See the difference?

The human view is more like this.

What humans see..

A great improvement and another bonus is that when they cut the plants down there are squished ones along the edges and they are really delicious!! Mum breaks one off for me and then I sit down with it between my paws and gnaw the outside stem off and nibble my way through the nommy stalk.

I can eat a whole stalk and if I’m lucky we take one home with us for me to eat in the garden.. I’m not allowed them indoors any more because I make too much mess!

This makes me look short!

But if I was tall I would be able to see this.

Like a pool of lemon yellow custard

And if I could fly I would be able to see this..

As seen by a very low flying bird!

Not a lot of bees in these pictures are there… apparently the farmers are worried about the lack of bees. Every single flower has to be polinated or there won’t be any seeds to harvest – so come on you bees and flies, get polinating!! Talking of flies.. we seem to be having plague quantities of these unidentified beasties.

What is this ?

They’re no trouble when it’s windy but in calm spots the clusters of them are thick enough to make us have to turn around to find another route to take. Mum has been googling and the nearest she has found is a March Fly on the website which said “March Flies in the family Bibionidae. You can find more information on BugGuide which states: “Larvae feed on decaying organic matter, such as feces, roots, logs”, so they are actually beneficial. Some species, notably Love Bugs in Florida and the Southeast, can get very numerous at times and become a nuisance. The male has the bigger eyes and corresponding bigger head.”

There were a bunch of dead and live ones on the ground when we took this photo so I took the opportunity to try one. Nice but I’d rather have something with a bit more meat on it!


~ by Teagan on May 11, 2010.

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