Chaldicott Agility Fun Day

Today was Collarways Open Day and it’s been on my calendar for ages and ages. It wasn’t just their open day, it was also an Agility Fun Day so we went along to have a look around the Collarways shop to meet @Collarways and William the puggy, and had also arranged to meet up with my twitter friends @WiggleTheDog @SillySofy and @BarneyLoverBoy.

William the pug puppy comes over to say hello!

It was a gorgeous sunny day so we were all doing a lot of panting! There was a paddling pool near by but it was completely empty.. not a drop of water in it. I ask you, what kind of mum takes a pool with them but forgets the water?

Wiggle, Barney and me saying "hello"

We all managed to line up for one photograph, it was a bit difficult, but we managed it for a very short time!

Barney, Sofy, Wiggle, Me

There were lots of dogs there and some serious competitors! We didn’t enter any of the competitions but Wiggle got a gorgeous rosette for Best Rescue Dog

Wiggle with his red rosette!

and William won 2nd in the Cutest Puppy competition. I’m not sure who came 1st but he/she must have been incredibly cute to have beaten William for cuteness! Barney won a rosette too for best handler and dog!

William the Pug!

There were lots of other dogs at the show.. big ones, small ones, hairy ones and all sorts.

Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones!!

We decided not to stay and watch all the agility – my groomer Hilary was there with her poodles, they’re good at it, but have a whole course in their garden to practise on! We popped back into Collarways to say goodbye to Gabriella and William, and Wendy, Wiggle and Sofy and  Julie and Barney – they were in there looking at all the lovely toys and doggy accessories! Daddy had already bought me a Wacky Walkr lead.. a late birthday present! Anyway, can you guess where we went on the way home?

Any idea where we are?

Isn’t that funny!! Yes, we went to the garage because Maxwell Mini wanted feeding… and my, did he ever have an empty tummy… he ate nearly 50 litres!! Mum never feeds him that much, but dad’s more generous with food.. diesel, dog food… whatever!!

This is pretty weird!!

It was my first time going through a car wash and I didn’t even woof. I just watched as we got squirted and brushed and rinsed and blown dry.. and then we drove out sort of 95% cleaner than when we went in.

Stopped at a viewpoint to put the aerial back on

I wish I could clean the camera in a car wash.. mum says its full of dog crumbs so we get all those splodgy marks on pictures when it’s on zoom.

Nice views out the window

There were lovely views to look at but I was pretty tired after all the excitement so I just curled up and went to sleep.

Catching some Z's on the way home

We got home and I was reminded of last night’s incident.. a toynapping… mum rounded up a bunch of my toys (she said they were all dirty) and threw them in the washing machine!! Can you believe it? She just threw them in! @MizCleo tried to help last night with a rescue attempt, but mum recaptured them and they went through 55 minutes of torture at 30oC and then had to suffer this indignity.

Polar Bear, Baby Sheep, Tiny Dog, Kookaburra, Little Ducky, Kitty, Pheasant, Lambykins

I’m going to have to work extra hard to get them covered in mud and drool, that’ll be fun!!


~ by Teagan on May 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Chaldicott Agility Fun Day”

  1. What a fun day! But no water in the pool!! And you all were panting, too. What fun to see your twitter pals.
    Your poor toys won’t smell like your mouth anymore 😦 You shall just have to get them smelling nice again.
    Lucy the Lab (Wiggle’s girl)

  2. Dear Teagan, What a lovely day you had yesterday and meeting up with friends too! Thant’s special! I loved reading all of you blog and it made ma laugh too, expecially the toys on the line! It’s a mum’s dudty once in a while….she says! BOL! You photos are just beautiful too. How lovely that we can share our inspiring and beautiful days together over the airwaves. Sending you lots of waggy tails and nose nudges. Annie Bella

  3. What a perfect day for a perfect Tweet Up! I’m sooo glad you all got to meet each other! I can see from your pictures you had the best time! Now…if I could just figure out how to swim across the pond… Wait! Reservations by air sound like a much better idea!


    • Woof!! Travelling by air would be far better than swimming.. and we could probably get discounted rates for a group booking! What fun that would be! Maybe one day 🙂

  4. Hey Teagan! You is not treating your toys right – they still has their insides inside! I’ll explain next Thursday where you is going wrong 🙂

    Luv CrazyDazyDoodle

    • Hi there Daisy, thanks for stopping by! One day I’ll get mum to blog about our group walks. I’ll look forward to getting some tips from you next week.. I’ve had a few “snow” incidents with the white fluffy stuff but mostly I just nibble noses. I have quite a few toys without noses, I can’t resist them!

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