Barney and I do “Paws in the Park 2010”

Better late than never I always woof. Especially when it comes to food, not that I let food be forgotten too often of course. Anyway, last Sunday it was the Paws in the Park sponsored walk at Lulworth Castle for Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.  I’d been going to meet up with my twitter friend @barneyloverboy but his mum’s brand new mini broke down on their way to The Castle Inn so we picked them up and gave them a lift to Lulworth Castle. We took my crate out of the mini to give us more room so I sat in the back with dad on the way there.

Sitting in the back with dad

On our way to Lulworth!

It was a lovely day, sunny with a few clouds and a nice cool breeze. Just right for walking. This is my twitter friend Barney aka @barneyloverboy. Isn’t he handsome?

My mate Barney

Most of the pictures of the walk are all in a slideshow, so don’t forget to go have a look and click on the little arrow. Meanwhile, here’s a little video of Barney and I having a run around at the beginning of the walk.

We had such fun chasing each other, he’s a good runner. A lot of the labradors I meet out on walks are all kind of old and sedate. Or just sedate like my friend Dave who’s only 6 but his dad said that he’s been an old dog ever since he was born.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was a really great walk and not too tiring for fit young dogs like Barney and me. Here we are having another run around at the end of our walk.

After the walk we said out goodbyes to Barney and his mum & dad and made our way back home. We were all absolutely starving – Barney had told us about his breakfast of sausages at The Castle Inn!! Dad loves sausages so we called in at Pampered Pigs Pantry in Bere Regis on our way home to buy some.  We also said hello to these cute little goats – they’ve got long floppy ears like me!!

Look at those ears!!

Mummy cooked us a sausage “brunch” and I got exactly the same as mummy and daddy did!!

Brunch (mine is on the left)

Oh, except I didn’t get toast with my egg.  And I seem to be two bits of sausage short.. they mysteriously found their way onto daddy’s plate because they had some special spicy sausages and I had traditional “olde english” sausages so daddy had to try mine.

This is cruelty isn't it?

Mummy made me wait for ages before I could eat mine… do you know how agonising it is to have to sit a foot away from a plate of nommy delicious food that’s wafting its smells up my nasal passages?

Wasn't quite sure about beans.. so I ate them last.

In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t usually get fed in the lounge. This was just a special treat because it was a special day!!

While I’m here, I’d just like to give a big woof-out to all my sponsors! Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated. This year I raised the grand sum of £219 which goes up to £270.89 with gift aid, I don’t think I broke any records..  Bonnie the Border Terrier has won for two years running now. My Virgin MoneyGiving page doesn’t close for a while so if you didn’t get around to putting in a pound then the link will be on my blog until it does close.

If you would like to see the slideshow of all the dogs that took part this year then here is the official slideshow made by Weldmar.  Click Here for the Slideshow!!


~ by Teagan on June 27, 2010.

9 Responses to “Barney and I do “Paws in the Park 2010””

  1. Awww Teagan. So lovely to see what a great day you had on your sponsored walk and to see you playing ‘in reality’ with Barney @Barneyloverboy. Yummmy brunch you had too! Wow! Ma and I loved looking at the Weldmar Slideshow too. Thank you for sharing it all. Westie Licks

    • BOL playing chase in real life is even better than playing #cyberchase and Barney is a real fun guy to play with! You never know, perhaps we can have a little tweetup one day too. I don’t think I’ve ever played chase with a Westie!!

  2. What fun you two had – and lovely sausages for brunch! I see you are very talented at the “Chase Me” game, Teagan!

    • I love playing chase, I don’t mind doing the chasing or being chased.. in fact mum says I’m a bit of a pest coz I don’t give up and just pester pester pester if I’m with a doggy that doesn’t want to play!

  3. Lovely blog as always. Barney is a very handsome lab, Teagan is quite the girl!

    Your sponsorship £total was very successful
    all for a wonderful cause, every little helps and some fun on the way.

  4. Thank you Teagan for the slideshow and videos. My anipals and I loved looking at them. Sounds like a very good day and your meal looked great.

  5. Wow, Teagie Weagie, You look so tiny beside Barney!! Love your boundless energy. And, yes, it was so cruel to make you wait for your nommy food! **DId da beanz make you fartz?!!** You are a very clever girl to have taken part in such an exhausting walk! Go Teagan! Bet you needed to stand in your paddling pool to cool off your feet! XXXX

  6. Hey, I fink you do got some great pawsons wiv you givin you that nommy breakfast. Mebbe they open B&B for dogs?

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