My first time geocaching!!

One of my twitter friends is a human with a dog called Stella and she often tweets about going geocaching. So, today mum looked up the geocaching website and registered me – there are 197 within a 10 mile radius of my house!! Wow, that’s absolutely loads! Tonight we went out to find the two nearest our house.

On our way to Tomson Church

The first one was at the church at Tomson, only a mile down the road so we didn’t really need our Garmin GPS gadget but mum needed to learn how to use it, so we followed our path all the way there. This is on a stretch of footpath that we hadn’t walked on before.

Almost at the track to Tomson

Not only hadn’t we walked on the footpath before, we also hadn’t met this particular herd of cows before either! So once we got through the kissing gate we stopped to say hello. They were all wearing very trendy necklaces.

Hello Girls!! Moooooo Mooooo

From here we just had to walk down the lane and through the farmyard.. we’re not actually sure if you’re supposed to walk through the farmyard but it was only a short distance so we did and then climbed over the gate. Well, I went under the gate because I’m only short.

Me by the gate at Tomson Church

And here I am waiting to go through the gate so we can look round the church!

Tomson Church

Isn’t it cute? We walked round the back of it and found lots of young cows.

Just at the back of the church

They were a bit shy and we didn’t like to disturb them so we kept quiet, but they still all ran off into their sleeping area. And then, finally, it was time to go into the church!

Inside the church

There was a lovely old organ in there too – we just opened the lid to take a photograph and put it back down before we left.

The organ

Mummy is a bit funny when it comes to having things in number order or in straight lines.. and she had to straighten up the candles on the altar because they were all wonky and even the cross was all lopsided. Like when she hangs out washing on the line each thing has to have only 1 colour of clothes peg holding it up. How weird is that?

The Altar

Now, I don’t think it will hurt if we show a picture of the cache – it was our very first one and it was a very exciting moment! As we haven’t done it before we just looked at it which we now know is “TNLN” (took nothing left nothing) and we could add SL which means signed logbook.

Our first Cache!!

So, that was our first attempt at geocaching! On the way home we went to Anderson Church which is another local one – but we couldn’t find the cache so we’re going to go back again and have another go tomorrow. We hadn’t realised that the coordinates are the exact location of the cache, we just thought they were the location of the place where we had to look. See… mum should have read the instructions before we left the house!

Anderson Church

We walked back home across the fields where they’ve been harvesting oats. The straw is all in rows in the field and I had loads of fun sticking my head in the piles.

I've been rummaging in the piles of straw

We’re going to have to keep our eyes open for the big scary combines, but it won’t be long now before we can play hoopy in the fields again! Fields of wheat and barley are fun to run in but I miss playing hoopy.

I think I’m going to like going geocaching!


~ by Teagan on July 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “My first time geocaching!!”

  1. Oh, wot fun that must be, like hunting for treashures! My mom is the same way about wonky stuffs, cannot stands it and is always unwonkying efurrything. Must be wot moms do.

    • Hi Shawnee, Yes like treasure hunting except I didn’t get to do any digging.. I think we may have to change that because I like digging for treasure! Yes mums are definitely into unwonkying things.

  2. Thanks for shariang. My anipals and I love reading about your adventures. Geocashing sounds like a fun thing to do.
    The scenery is always so pretty.

    • Hello Jean & furry family, Yes, it’s such fun. Tonight we are going to do another one and will also stop at the one where we couldn’t find the cache last night. I hope mum will do more little blogs about it because we will be going to different places to do it!

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