Geocaching is Great!!

Tonight we found two caches!! We had decided to go back to Anderson to find the cache that we missed last night, but to make it a longer walk we went to do another one at Winterborne Zelston Church. So, we started off by walking the same way as we walked last night and then just past where we saw the cows, we turned left to walk up this lane.

This is the lane to Zelston

It’s not actually a road to anywhere, it just goes up to the farm.

Looking up towards Wahn Fried on the main road

It was a lovely evening.. clear blue skies and very warm at 24 degrees C. We soon got to the end of the lane and were at the farm yard.

Almost at the farm buildings

I wonder which way we have to go now.. we’ll have to look for the little footpath signs. Ah.. what’s that on the gate I can see..

Good job dad spotted the arrow!!

Hard to see isn’t it. So we knew to turn right, so off we went. Down through the farm yard.

Down the track we go.. what's that at the end?

We had to turn left when we got to the end but first we stopped to say hello to a whole herd of young heifers, they were quite frisky and rushed over to say hello to us!!

Such cute young cows!!

They were mighty noisy though!! You’d think young cows would make small moos but they made great big grown up moos!!

Nearly at Zelston!

From here we just had a little way to go to the village and then we were at the Church.

Winterborne Zelston Church

We had to go in to find a gravestone so that we could work out the clue… which was the coordinates to where we could find the cache!!  We walked around the graveyard and found the headstone we needed.. and worked out the answer.

In the evening sun..

Then we were off to find the cache and it was spot on! We used the Garmin GPS to tell us where the “spot” was and we found it!!

Me with the Cache... isn't it tiny!!

It was in a film cannister and didn’t take long to find.. it was a bit close to an ants nest though, and some of the little critters got in my paws and made me wriggle about a bit! So, after that we headed off for home but stopped off at Anderson Church, where we’d been last night, and we managed to find the cache there quite quickly!

Hello... I wonder if he/she knows Bartleby

We called in at the pub on our way home and my friend Rhubarb was there. He’s a very handsome labrador.


Our favourite landlady, Jan, gave us both a stick of tripe to eat… and then it was time to go home.

Waiting for a tripe stick

Such a fun evening.. I hope we go geocaching again soon.


~ by Teagan on July 26, 2010.

One Response to “Geocaching is Great!!”

  1. Geocaching is really fun! I’ve only been a couple times because we haven’t been in years but we can’t wait to start again now that the kiddo is a bit bigger. You never know what you’re going to discover along the way and I love having a purpose when I walk 🙂

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