Beans or Barley… Barley or Beans… you decide

Well, they ploughed the fields and scattered the good seed on the land and, despite there not being much watering going on, everything has grown. On my walk this morning I ate my first corn cobs – we only pick ones from the sweetcorn plants that have been knocked over. Not sure who knocks them over.. badgers probably, or maybe deer?

Mmm sweetcorn

Sooo delicious!!

All gone!!

The baby corns are so sweet and nice, I don’t like them when they’re full size because they get very tough. Anyway, we just did one of our usual morning walks up Muston Lane. The green lane is a bit overgrown now so we walk up the edge of the field that’s planted with linseed. There are just a few blue flowers left, mostly it’s all gone to seed and they’re drying nicely.. but aren’t ready yet.

Not quite ready yet...

Several of the fields we have to walk through are planted with beans. Horrid things covered with blackfly and greenfly. They’re not too bad when they’re young plants but after that they just get worse and worse.

Which side do you prefer?

You’d like a closer look? Well, here goes…

Beans.. and these are pretty good looking ones


Lovely golden barley

The beans are a filler crop and put nitrogen into the soil, which saves buying fertiliser, so I suppose they’re good for something. They just look awful and aren’t very nice to walk through. Enough about beans.. maybe the cows will escape and eat them all! They were all pretty miserable this morning, up by the gate waiting to go out in the field.

Grumpy cows

Tomorrow all the combines will be out and about being really busy. Have a look at this lovely big new tractor, called Magnum..

Magnum the Massive Tractor!

This one will be busy taking the header, that’s the business end of the combine harvester, out to the fields to go on the combine – now that’s a ferocious looking beastie with lots of sharp cutters.

Ready to tow the header

You can see how big the tractor is compared to daddy and me! The tyres are taller than mummy!!

The header with all its cutters.. it's very very long indeed!!

It’s all brand new stuff.. and here’s the other bit of the combine with its driver.

The combine & its driver

I thought all this kit was big, but have a look here if you want to see the BIGGEST combine harvester in the world!!


~ by Teagan on July 30, 2010.

One Response to “Beans or Barley… Barley or Beans… you decide”

  1. The barley looks really nice. There are fields around us here in VA. that have soybeans one year and corn the next. Nothing has done very good this year because we desperately need rain, but too late for it now. Most people lost lots of what they planted.
    We see combines and tractors all of the time, but haven’t seen anything as big as the combine you had the link to.
    We always enjoy your adventures.

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