A Walk on Spetisbury Rings

Tonight we went off doing some more geocaching – we had four that we could do, but we ended up only finding three because we ran out of daylight. Mummy and I will go back soon and do the last one – it should be fairly easy so she should be able to manage it on her own with just me to help her. Anyway, we started off here, just by this roundy bridge.

This is where we started our walk

We walked quite a way along the old railway line and went under lots more old bridges. The next one was a square bridge!

A square bridge

It was very exciting because I’d never walked along an old railway line before.

No one waiting on the platform

I won’t be putting lots of pictures in about our geocaching that we did while we were on our walk.. but here is a picture of our first find of the night! Mum got stung by lots of nettles finding it!

We found it!!

We left the railway line after this and followed a footpath round a field and then through some trees. And then we were up on the Spetisbury Rings. They are Iron Age fortifications that were destroyed by the Romans. The defences of this hill fort consists of a single rampart and ditch on the northern end of a spur overlooking the river Stour. Apparently when they built the railway in 1857 they uncovered a mass-grave of about 120 skeletons, probably the victims of the Roman invasion, and also part of a Roman shield was found!

You can just see the River Stour

It was good fun walking along the rings, they had really slopey sides and I was investigating sniffs down the slopes.

Checking the map

There were lots of lovely views from up there and I’ve put them in a little slideshow. Guess what, she’s forgotten how to do it again. I think you might have to click on the link if the slideshow doesn’t magically appear! Or you can also click on the video in the Vodpod link which is just in the sidebar on the right, yes, over there on the right of the screen!

Walk on Spetisbury Rings
– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


We shall have to remember to start our walks a tiny bit earlier each day now that the days are getting shorter again… or take a torch with us so we can find our way home in the dark!


~ by Teagan on July 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Walk on Spetisbury Rings”

  1. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures. I always love looking at the pictures and of course Teagan, the ones with you in them.
    Looks so pretty where you live.

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