Combines are everywhere

Yesterday they’d done the top field so we could walk all the way up through the fields again to play hoopy. Today they did the field in front of the house.. luckily the wind was blowing in the right direction so we could keep the bedroom windows open.

Through the bedroom window

It looks quite small over there but when it came round our side of the field it was really BIG!!

It's noisy too!!

We went for a walk up to the stile and sat and watched it going round the field for a while. I sat on mum’s knee so I could see better.

I'm not scared of the big machine

I know I did this last year too, but here’s a little video of the big yellow monster.

When we went out for our walk this evening we counted 4 combines that we could hear working away. We did the big walk up to the wood and when we got to the top of Muston Lane we could hear one in the field we had to walk through.

Farmer Lawrence was driving the combine

The balers were out too rolling the straw into big round sausages.

I like red tractors best

We walked all the way up to the woods and then back down along the track to Anderson. We had fun walking down the track.. I was chasing the hoopy and checking out sniffs in the hedges.

A puddle!!

There were even a few puddles left from after the rain. We could still hear the combines as we walked.

It was still quite warm in the evening sun so I had a rest while mum caught up with me.

A bit further on down the track I got a funny feeling and when I looked up, what do you think I saw?

Isn’t that just the best surprise ever? We carried on walking, back home the way that daddy had walked up.. I got very confused because I could smell a familiar scent, so I kept running ahead tracking the scent of…. daddy.   Yes, I was being silly and mum kept pipping on the whistle to get me to come back and I kept being excited at seeing daddy.  It was a bit like groundhog day. She says I’m a dog with a small brain and laughed at me. Even daddy laughed too.

~ by Teagan on August 5, 2010.

9 Responses to “Combines are everywhere”

  1. We have lots of combines around here too, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that.
    Always love being part of your walks.

    • I bet your combines are even bigger than ours over here. Some of our fields are pretty huge though.. it’s a shame they got rid of lots of the hedges and gateways. I like it when I visit my friend Truman because their farm is an old traditional one with small hedged fields and wooden gates. They do hay making the old way and make the small hay bales that you can pick up.

  2. Teagan, iz it troo dat da red tractors go faster? Isa xox

    • Yep, I think the red ones go faster… blue tractors are nice, and so are green ones, but they just don’t look right. Tractors should be red.. always.. because I said so!

  3. G’day Teags, was yr Dad carrying his man-boobs? wEk

    • Hi there Wallas.. you’re a cheeky monkey! My dad was hanging onto the strings on the bag of supplies he brought with him. Mum doesn’t like carrying lots of stuff and dad was just walking up to meet us so he did bring me and mum a bottle of water, my fav big hoopy and an orange! He’s a good dad!

  4. Now doesn’t that looks like a brand new combine harvester?

    Thank you for my latest issue of Teagan Times- it is an absolute treat. I can hear them harvesting around here at night, but they haven’t done the fields adjacent to us yet. It is all over so quickly , then ploughed and replanted- who says there is no rhythm in the countryside.

    • I don’t think that one was brand spanking new, not like the one in my other post Beans or Barley… Barley or Beans. That one really was new and ever so shiny and bigger than big!! They must cost huge amounts of bonio money.

  5. Hee hee, you sure looked pleased to see your dada. I do that too. He must be a great dad. Woof

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