Call me Imelda

My friends are sometimes surprised when they find out that I have twelve, yes twelve, collars.  I thought it was normal for girls to have lots of clothes but I’ve even heard of some poor unfortunate dogs that have only ever had one collar for their whole life! What on earth do they wear when they go to parties?  This is a photograph of my collars.

My collar collection!

No 1 is my bestest collar, it’s a very girlie pink with my name in diamonds. Well, maybe they’re not real diamonds, but they are very sparkly. I only wear this on very special occasions. It was a birthday present from my twitter friend @Jazzydacat and I have a matching lead!

No 2 was also a present for my 2nd birthday, from my mum. It’s a gorgeous girlie yellow with cute cupcakes on it! I wore this one to my dad’s birthday party. Mum got it for me from my twitter friend @chunkythedog ‘s online shop Chewed Slippers.

No 3 is very special because it was another birthday present.. from my favourite boyfriend @MrKiplingwoof.

No 4 is a Trixie collar. I wear this one quite a lot – it looks nice with my black fur and is very comfortable.

No 5 is my fuchsia pink Rogz collar, this one is good to go with two or three of my leads.

No 6 is my red Hunter collar that has a lovely shiny stainless steel clasp. Red is one of my favourite colours and looks good with black fur. It’s also very soft and comfortable.

No 7 is my red Rogz ‘bones’ collar – this is the 3/4″ grown up one – when I was a pup I had the 1/2″ puppy size one that was a present from my Auntie Susie. Unfortunately I outgrew it so mum bought me the bigger one. It’s one of my favourites.

No 8 is my Moo Cow collar that has a matching lead. Unfortunately it’s a little tight for me now and it’s as big as it will go. It’s made by Lupine – I’ve had it since I was a pup and it has a lifetime guarantee.. if I chew it mum just takes it to the shop and they will give her a nice new one! I’ve already had a new lead because I had nibbled it quite a lot! Maybe mum will get me the next size collar.

No 9 is another Rogz collar. It’s pretty pink and very girlie. It has a pink heart tag on it. Sometimes I wear it when I’m fed up with people thinking that I’m a boy!

No 10 is my blue Rogz pawprints collar. I wear it when I’m feeling like a tomboy! All the Rogz collars are lovely and comfortable because they’re so soft and nice.

No 11 is my camouflage collar for when we’re out walking in the woods or doing our geocaching! It’s not very girlie but it’s nice and comfy and is good for when I go swimming in dirty water.

No 12 is a hi-viz collar that I wear on dark nights to walk to the pub. Actually, I also have another hi-viz collar that has tiny flashing red lights on it.. mum forgot about that one, so I suppose I actually have 13 collars. That sounds like a bad kind of number so I think I may have to get another one because 14 is a much nicer number!

My lead collection!

No 1 is my original red Rogz puppy lead. I don’t use this one any more, but we still keep it.

No 2 is my posh pink to go with the matching collar.

No 3 is my pub lead. It’s quite long and black and is easy to wrap around table and chair legs.

No 4 is very pretty and goes well with my No 5 collar.

No 5 and 6 are both presents from my bonkers friends who live next door. These are good for short summer walks.

No 7 is my Wacky Walkr that daddy bought me for my birthday from Collarways when we went to the Chaldicott Agility Fun Day. This is really great because the pink bit in the middle is really really tough and stretchy.

No 8 is an old rope lead that mum sometimes takes with us on walks in case we lose my regular walk lead. It was hanging on a hook in mummy & daddy’s last house in Sturminster Marshall when they moved in. So that means it’s probably about 25 years old! Mummy kept it all those years just waiting for the day when she had a dog of her own! She used it a few years ago when she found a little doggy just wandering along the lane.

No 9 was a free gift with one of my food orders. It’s ever so long and has two hooks on it and two rings. It’s supposed to be about 4 types of lead but mum has never figured out how to use it. The grey bits are also reflective and shine in the dark when lights shine on them.

No 10 is my Lupine Moo Cow lead that matches my collar.

No 11 & 12 are slipleads – Mummy bought the pink one at the same time as the leather one.  On my first day at school when I went to see Walter Harrison he said mummy should get me the leather sliplead so she got me one but thought it was a bit serious looking. Now it’s worn in she actually prefers the leather lead so it’s No 12 that gets used every day. The slip leads are ever so easy to get on and off quickly and they’re easy to roll up and put in a pocket.

So, there you go.. you have now seen my wardrobe!!

Just call me Imelda Woofos!!


~ by Teagan on August 8, 2010.

8 Responses to “Call me Imelda”

  1. Very pretty wardrobe. My little Tinker says she will just have to have more collars after seeing all of yours. She only has 1 collar and 1 harness, but lots of toys.
    Always enjoy your blog.

    • Girlies need lots of collars!! So I think Tinker should have at least 1 more to wear at weekends or for best! Shhh I forgot about my harness for if I’m in the car without my crate.. I don’t think that counts though 😉

  2. I would say you has a collah and lead fetish, BOL. Furry nice collekshun you has there.

  3. Well ,Imelda indeed! Woof- Teagan, I am amazed by your gorgeous collection of glitzy collars and leads , very very pretty.

    What a pity the male collars are so boring. I would love a white collar for Jack – Dog collar- like a vicars! it would show off his black coat beautifully. If any one finds one , please let me know. (Same size as Teagan)

    • He would look very smart indeed with a white collar.. but he would only be able to wear it for best because it would get dirty quick! Mum is always putting mine in the washing machine. I will keep my nose to the ground for a white collar… I am good at sniffing things out 🙂

  4. Dad, I only got one colar. Why dat?

    • BOL it’s probably because you are a boy Marley. Boys don’t think about stuff like clothes and accessories.. just food and toys!! Hows about your Lola.. now, if she only has one collar then you gotta get her to the shops pronto! Mind you, some doggies like greyhounds and lurchers only have 1 because they have those posh expensive soft leather ones. I thinks I am gonna be a doggy stylist when I am growed up!

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