A Woof Wednesday Tweetup!!

My twitter friend AnnieBella was here in Dorset on holiday and staying in Wool, which is just down the road, so we arranged to meet at two o’clock on Wednesday for a walk! Oh me, oh my, I was beside myself with excitement.. what collar to wear? what would she be like? would we get on?

Mum and I got to Turners Puddle first.. I was a little bit nervous, and then Annie Bella arrived with her ma and pa! After a few initial nervous woofs we set off on our walk, up the footpath. I was a bit shy because I thought maybe Annie didn’t like me, but by the time we got to the top of the first bit of the path we were okay.  I took them on one of my favourite walks over the heath and we stopped at my usual ‘photo spot’ for us to have our picture taken together. Well, that was the intention..  but us dogs don’t like doing things to order!

The photo you don't usually get to see!!

BOL this was funny.. her pa trying to get me and Annie to sit beside each other!! Mum did manage to get a lovely picture of Annie on her own though.. she looked gorgeous with her white fur against the purple heather and even her collar was the right colour!

Annie at the view point

I showed Annie all my favourite spots. When we got up to the top of the hill in the woods her pa decided to run on ahead so he could take some photos of the two of us walking along together. As if.. we weren’t having any of that.. I ran after him to see what he was doing and Annie stayed behind to keep her mum company.

Annie and I discussing the stick I found

This was when we were discussing tactics and the stick I’d found. A very tasty stick it was too.

Running up the track to Kite Hill

This was another spot where we were supposed to sit nicely beside each other and we did, for a brief moment…

Mum's just not quick enough with the camera!!

We were both pretty tired by now so we walked down to Throop so I could show her one of my favourite swimming spots. I tried to entice her in for a proper swim, but Annie Bella was happy with just a paddle.

Come on in, the water's lovely!!

On our way through the village we bumped into a very bouncy poodly dog and his mum and little brother.. he might have been a labradoodle but didn’t stand still long enough for us to have a good look at him!

A bonkers dog!

Anyway, this was almost the end of our walk, I just had the two fords to show Annie.  As usual I couldn’t stop myself doing my mad running around but Annie was very ladylike and just had a little paddle.

She's definitely more ladylike than me!

I can never get enough of the water – Annie was happy to sit on the ‘beach’ and let her fur dry.

Come on Teagan, you'll turn into a prune!!

We’d had a wonderful walk together but we had to say our goodbyes because it was time for us to go home. We were both properly tired out.. I went home and flopped in the chair and had a wonderful dream about running in the heather showing Annie how to flush young pheasants!

I’m so glad I became a twitter dog!


~ by Teagan on August 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “A Woof Wednesday Tweetup!!”

  1. Thanks for letting us come along on your walk with AnnieBella.
    You both seemed to get along good and had a good time together.
    Always enjoy your adventures.

  2. Woof ,Teagan, that looked great fun. Annie is as photogenic as you are, and has a pretty collar on. I loved the acrobatic sproodle high flying pic. V clever. My word, her owner looked as if she was about to take off up in air too. Like beach kite flying!

  3. Woof woof Teagan. A lovely blog to remind us of Happy Times! Thank you for such a lovely afternoon walk. I am also so glad I became a Twitter dog! Westie Licks to ya!

  4. Teagan:

    What a fun walk you and Annie went on.
    And swimming in the pond too!
    I think you are a very lucky dog.

    And Annie is very nice.


  5. PS That Poodly dog you saw looks like a poodle to me and my Best Friend. And he’s a Poodle too. But everyone thinks he’s a Labradoodle. Except he isn’t. He’s an Apricot Standard Poodle.

  6. G’day Teagan, I’ve only just had a chance to read this lovely story. It’s great to see you & AnnieBella having such a wonderful time in the English countryside… makes us miss England! Cheers Wallas & Isa xox

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