Blue sky? Black sky?

On Friday we had lots of big rain… and huge dark clouds but in the morning we managed to get a nice walk in the sunshine.

Lovely blue sky at 10.40 in the morning

What’s that in the distance? Let’s have a closer look… it appears to be a row of cows. Well, aren’t they just the most organised cows you ever did see!!

Has one cow escaped?

So.. remember that scene? That was in the morning. We don’t usually do the same walk twice in one day, but we did today.

Six hours later...

The rain was just passing over and leaving us with a lovely sunny evening.

So glad I'm in the sunshiney bit!

It was quite spooky having the dark on one side and the light on the other.. the black clouds were really scary looking! I don’t like being out on walks and getting rained on.

Where am I?

Honestly, what a nerve. She zoomed in and cut me out of the picture. We were going to do the short walk but they hadn’t cut the wheat in one of the fields, so we just walked up to the top of the track that leads up to the wood and then we walked round the field and back down again.

Prime bird chasing ground

We walked all the way back down the track down to Hill Barn. They’ve cut the fields there so I can play hoopy.. they’ve also been doing some muck flinging. Great big lumps of delicious muck!

Is my hoopy here?

We were really lucky because we didn’t get rained on.

The rain moving south

Those aren’t raindrops on the picture, it’s because mummy’s camera is full of ‘dog crumbs’ – that’s what all the blurry dots and hairy bits are. They only show up when she zooms, but she says it’s my fault, something to do with biscuit crumbs in pockets and bags, in fact biscuit crumbs are everywhere… including inside the camera.

~ by Teagan on August 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “Blue sky? Black sky?”

  1. My anipals always enjoy hearing me read your walks to them.
    The countryside is so pretty. We emjoy seeing different places.
    I can definitely understand doggy and kitty crumbs getting into things. I always have crumbs of something in most of my pockets.
    Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Jack spaniel and I enjoyed our virtual walk with you both, looking at your clouds. We were v concerned that you might have had a Toto and Dorothy moment,then followed the Yellow brick road. The clouds looked v angry- As indeed they were when they moved south to us! You should send your good cloud pics to V beautiful cloud site.

    • We were very glad to see the clouds move off on their way to you! I think the photos have too many blobs on them from all the dog crumbs that are inside the camera 🙂

  3. Those do be some furry nice sky pikshurs. I is particularly liking the half and half one.

  4. Teagan:

    Your photographs are lovely. Thank you for sharing them with us. We really wish we could come on walks with you. It looks so fun where you live. My Kind Friend says it’s harder to go walking in fields in California than it is where you live.

    We do have an alfalfa field. But it’s a bit boring. And there’s roads near it. Where the cars go very fast. So we can’t just go running as much as we want in there.

    Did you go the pub after your walk?

    Love Sammy

  5. PS Teagan:

    There’s lots of cows where I live. Except I haven’t met any yet. But we do have horse friends and donkey friends. They like us. And we like them too.

    Bye for now


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