A busy day!!

Today daddy went to watch the cricket so mummy and I had to get up really early to take him to catch a train. We waited with him on the platform until his train arrived and then we waved goodbye. We went back home and then we went for a walk….

We got wet!

It was a good walk but the weather had been looking a bit grim when we set out so mum had put a little umbrella in her bag.. came in handy because we had some proper rain when we were almost home.  I was glad to get home because I was hungry and wanted my breakfast.. and I also had some sleep to catch up on! It didn’t rain all day so mum and I went out in the garden for a while and then later on we went to Turners Puddle for another walk.

The ball is mine, all mine.

We did the same walk as I’d done with Annie when she came for a walk, but we did another little extra loop. We also stopped to play ball for a while. I’d done an early poo so when we got back to the car we just walked on by because we had to go and pick up the poo bag mum had hidden. It was a good job we did because we bumped into Peggy and her mum.. we’d met them once before so we stopped and had a chat with them.

I tried to get Peggy to play..

She was definitely thinking about playing, so maybe next time. She used to live with another doggy that went over Rainbow Bridge two years ago and her mum says she hasn’t played since then. That’s why I try to make her laugh & chase me. I’m persistant.. maybe next time!

We picked up the poo bag and went for our walk down to the stream because mum had promised me a swim tonight – I’m getting better at swimming so I like to practice as often as I can.

After my swim we walked down past Rita the pig’s field, but didn’t see her.. and then we bumped into Peggy and her mum again but we didn’t stop to talk this time because we had to hurry up to get home and go shopping before we went to the station to pick daddy up again.

Not long to wait now!

Oh I do struggle to contain myself… when I hear those funny noises I know the train is coming!!

It's daddy's train!!!

We have to stand well back from the yellow line…

Is that daddy?

It’s going so fast I can’t see in the windows

Where is he?

And then it stopped and daddy got out and that’s my signal to go bonkers!!

Daddy daddy daddy!!!!

While we’re at the station, I just want to show you something really weird.. we took these when we came earlier, that’s why its daytime when it should be night time.

What's with all the new railings??

Big new black railings with a gate across the pedestrian crossing..

People are crossing..

So who is it that opens and shuts the gates when a train is coming?

This man does!!

This is all because of people being silly and running across when they can hear the warning sound and see the lights flashing.. even a lady pushing a baby in a buggy did it when a train was coming. It was in the papers so now they’ve fixed it. You can read about it if you want to by clicking on those words. I bet they costs lots and lots of tripe money.


~ by Teagan on August 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “A busy day!!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. My anipals and I always enjoy feeling like we are coming along. We also love looking at all of the pictures and videos.

    • Hello, It’s nice to think of anipals across the pond coming on my walks with me! It’s great to do in real life but doing it virtually is good too. Woofs to you and your furry family xx

  2. Hi teagan,

    I’m pleased you are practicing your swimming, I love swimming so much and am going for the long distance dog swimming certificate……. Do you think they’ll let me enter the 2012 olympics?

    Love bingo

    • Hello Bingo, Wow, I hadn’t thought about the olympics.. I’m not sure I’m good enough for that yet but by 2012 I think I’ll be ready!

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