I hate beans

We try to avoid them. The beans that is. But they’re everywhere. Obviously a good year for beans.


Someone somewhere must like them. Just not me, or mum. We were avoiding the wind so we walked down through three fields of them, nasty black dried up things, with their dried beans rattling.

Hurry up mum..

We did actually spot something interesting though.. not that it takes much to be more interesting than beans.

A green patch?

A stripe of green amongst all the black deadness. What could it be?

They're growing trees?

The little baby sycamores are growing all over the field, amongst the beans, but for some reason this is a whole section of them.. I wonder why. It would be nice if it was a whole field of trees, they’d be nicer than beans.

A little baby one

It would be nice to think they’re going to rescue them.. but I think they’ll just get ploughed in, which is sad.


~ by Teagan on August 20, 2010.

One Response to “I hate beans”

  1. Oh I hope they rescue the Sycamores! They would all grow into beautiful trees in the right location!

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