Bournemouth Air Festival

Today mum & dad were invited to the Cumberland Hotel to watch the air show. So after my morning walk, in the rain, they went out and left me on my own.

Great weather for an air show?

They drove to Wareham station and caught the train from there to Bournemouth, then they walked to the hotel. It was in one of the Corporate Boxes, Room 110. A square room with a lovely big balcony – just right for a lovely sunny day. Anyway, it was an airshow, so mum took some photographs so that I could see where they’d been. I won’t bore you with words.. just show you the lovely pictures. BOL.

Balcony View Left

Balcony View Right

The pool

It's so nice to walk along the prom prom prom

No outdoor diners today, surprise surprise

It's all happening down there..

Nice to get the wind through your hair

Are you still with me here? You’re beginning to think they didn’t see any planes at all aren’t you? Well, you’re wrong.. well, kind of wrong…

It's a helicopter!!!

Anyway, that was it. One helicopter. They enjoyed meeting up with their friends though and had a nice time even though they didn’t get to see the Red Arrows or the Vulcan or the wing walkers or any of the other planes… but then it was time for them to walk back to the station to get the train home… to me!

Bournemouth Station.. waiting for a train

A train!

Another train

Train to Manchester

We like trains.. wish I'd been with them.

Well, that was something different wasn’t it. Okay, I agree, it was fairly rubbish as blogposts go… because there were no pictures of me. So, let’s remedy that shall we?

Me and my kookaburra


~ by Teagan on August 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Bournemouth Air Festival”

  1. Bummer about the rain but you knows, if’n you could has gone along, mebbe it would not has rained.

    • I would have been more entertaining for the guests than an empty grey sky. Mum said there were lots of dogs at the railway station.. but none in the hotel so I don’t think it was dog friendly.

  2. Oh, not boring at all. Always enjoy seeing new places. Just sorry that you had to stay home.

    • It’s not very often that I’m left alone and it was only for 5 hours. Mum & Dad get lonely without me but I think they ought to be left on their own at least occasionally, it’s good for them. Besides, it gives me time to have a few hours uninterrupted sleep!

  3. He he! How nice of Mum to take sum pics for you to look at when they got back. You are looking very lovely lying with your Kookaburra! Hope you having nice walkies today. Love your furiend Annie

  4. It must be catchin! My pawsons went to an airshow at Dunsford last weekend. They did see the Red Arrows and fings like dat.

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