Maize Cutting!!

We’ve got two fields of maize near us. I love it, it’s all planted in neat rows and I run up and down the rows.

Maize Field near Muston Farm

Mostly the plants are all the same height but look at this monster! I called him the mutant ninja maize plant.

Jolly Green Giant Corn?

Anyway, it’s been growing all summer, getting bigger and bigger, but today when mum and I went for our morning walk, this is what we saw!!

Cutting the Corn!

I had to stay on my lead as we walked by the big machine and the tractor that was catching all the bits. It munches it up really small and all the bits get collected in the big trailer – I bet the cows are licking their lips!

Nom nom even I think it looks tasty!

There was quite a lot on the ground because sometimes it missed the trailer!

Down a bit.. left a bit..

We couldn’t stay watching them all day long so we went off on our walk and left them to it.

We went all the way up what we call the Anderson track.. it was definitely a busy day for tractors! They were all out and about!

Bringing in the straw rolls

It seemed I was being put back on the lead every 5 minutes!


After this one we managed to get all the way up the lane without having to stop again. We stopped in one of the fields to have a game of hoopy.. some of the fields have been ploughed already but we still have lots that haven’t.

Nice big spaces for me to run

I did lots of chasing around, it’s one of my favourite games to play.

Final pounce to get the hoopy

It’s quite a long walk so we had to get on.. so off we go.

At the top of the hill

This is great bird territory.. lots of pheasants hiding in the long grass.

Isn’t that just the greatest fun? I love it, I go off running in the grass and get the birdies to fly up in the air! I’m not allowed to chase them all the time, sometimes when we go past places where they feed and look after baby birds I have to go on my lead.

Time for a refreshment stop

We’re almost back at the corn field now.. to see how they’re getting on!

They haven't finished yet!

I wondered where they’d gone, but we soon found out as soon as we got to the other end of the field. It was lunchtime and they’d all stopped for lunch!

Everything stops for lunch

In the evening mum and I did a shorter walk just to check on how they’d got on. This field was all finished and they were in the other maize field – we could see them as we walked down the lane.

They're still working hard..

By now it was just gone seven o’clock so mum told dad to come and meet us because he wanted to see them cutting the corn.

Scary looking cutters!

Where was he? The sun was setting fast and he still hadn’t arrived.

10 minutes later & the sun is going down

It wasn’t actually that dark, but it looked pretty with the sun behind the tractor & trailer. Dad didn’t make it in time to see them cutting the corn so it’s a good job we took some videos and lots of photos.

Another refreshment stop!

All this walking and watching is thirsty work! We all walked home together, the best end to a walk because I love it when dad comes to meet us.


~ by Teagan on September 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Maize Cutting!!”

  1. Glorious photos, are you sure there wasn’t a corn alien hiding in that first maize field? He/she looked as if he was waving to you!I can pretend to smell the harvested sweet crunched up maize from here. Our maize is still intact, won’t be long before they come to out to us here. It is such a refreshing Autumny scent, the same as wild garlic or bluebells in the spring.

    Lovely story and accompanying doggie pics,farm equipment pics might be historic one day!.

    • Yes, I think it was a corn alien.. and I think it escaped before the maize machine came and got all the regular corn plants. We like farm equipment and have lots of pictures of all the different things.. at this time of year all the old tractors and trailers come out of retirement! The maize cutter just visits, like Philip Trim and his amazing muck spreading device! Maybe I will do a farm machinery post with lots of picures.

  2. We always enjoy your walks. Makes us feel like we came along with you. The corn here in my area was mostly plowed under because of the lack of rain. We really need rain badly.
    Will be looking forward to your next post.
    Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  3. I missed this one somehow but love it . I think all those machines would keep Lexie and Mica away!

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