Shitterton Cache and Dash

On Sunday afternoon we went over to Turners Puddle for a walk and decided to do a quick bit of geocaching while we were out. We started off on our usual route up Kite Hill.

As we had the Garmin GPS gadget with us, with mums new OS map on it, we took a little diversion to check out the ancient monuments in the Bladen Woodland. We’ve been walking through these woods for months now and never spotted anything that looks like an ancient monument so we needed to investigate!

Scheduled Ancient Monuments?

Well, it’s a bit like a lot of these things.. it’s just a clearing in the woods and a lump, or that’s what we reckoned. If it’s something more monumental, like an old stone building or something, please let us know!

Ancient Monument

A lot of the woods all looks pretty much the same, but this was definitely a ferny clearing.

It’s just trees everywhere else. We made our way through the woods and back to the path past Black Hill Dairy.

Black Hill Dairy

It’s been a long time since there have been any cows here and it’s used for storing wood now. It’s also a handy place to shelter when it’s raining! Anyway, off we go down and round the corner.

The track leading down to Shitterton

There’s a geocache along here too but mum’s already found it so she just shows dad where they are.

Can I have a biscuit please?

Enough dithering around.. off we go down to Shitterton and before we know it we’ve arrived!

Could have done with a drink really

Unfortunately there was no water coming out of this old water pump, not even for me.

The new village sign!

The village got together to organise this hefty chunk of stone for a new sign because people kept stealing the ordinary sign.. They’re not going to be able to pop this one in a car and drive off with it! Aren’t I sitting nicely..

Peek a boo, I see you!

BOL I’d rather be behind the stone becauase that’s where dad was hiding!! Mum found the cache so we headed on back to the car.. just stopping to take a picture of this ceramic looking mushroom.

It looked just like glazed pottery

And we also stopped just long enough for me to have a swim and cool off a bit.

Its lovely and refreshing

We met some people who were on a walk with about 5 dogs! I said hello to all of them and then got on with my swimming, they didn’t want to come in and join me. So, another successful geocaching expedition.

~ by Teagan on September 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Shitterton Cache and Dash”

  1. Thanks for taking us along on another interesting walk. We like the new village sign and the mushroom was neat. Always enjoy
    learning about new places.

    • So glad you liked it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all do a real walk together. Maybe one day they’ll invent a machine so that we don’t have to worry about distance and those silly time zones!

  2. That was a lovely walk and swim. I am still trying to find the monument in that picture! BOL Oh, and that is probably the biggest mushroom I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

    Your furiend,

    • Hiya Oz, The ancient monuments have got me stumped.. coz they are mostly just bumps in the ground. I bet I’ve had a wee on loads of them and not known it!

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