Random sightings..

It’s funny the things I see on my walks. Sometimes we see no one at all, and nothing exciting, and other times we see lots of stuff. I think I said that at this time of year all the old tractors come out of retirement, this one has seen better days but is still active!

I wonder what this thing does

We walked all the way up to the wood and then through the fields.. not a lot going on in the fields today. No tractors or anything.

A field of nothing

When we got back to the village I stopped to chat to Milly at her gate.


and then we stopped to have a chat to the ponies. Poor things are always in the field on their own and I’m sure they’d like more people to talk to.. and a nice shelter for the wet days and when it gets cold in the winter.


This man was up on his roof.. it looked a bit dangerous, maybe he was practising for Christmas because its harder to do it wearing a furry red suit.

I thought only Santa climbed down chimneys

One of the houses before Santa’s house has a lovely garden full of dahlias. Actually to be honest I’m not that fussed about the flowers, I only stop and look over the wall because a lovely big tabby and white cat lives here – it’s a huge puss cat and I’m trying to make friends with it.

Pretty flowers

 Look away if you’re a bit squeamish because the next picture is a bit gruesome… it was right opposite Milly’s house 

Flattus Rattus Norvegicus

I wasn’t even allowed anywhere near it.. not even a sniff.. mum is so boring when it comes to me investigating dead stuff.


I haven’t seen Bugsy in ages.. he’s a bit of a cutesie dog, not the sort that’s game for a bit of rough and tumble in the muddy puddles and long grass!  I bet he’d quite like it though.


~ by Teagan on September 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Random sightings..”

  1. Very pretty flowers. Glad you stopped to speak to the ponies.
    I always feel sorry for the ones out in the field with no contact with other anipals or humans. We have some of those near our house. My granddaughter and I go over and talk to them when we are out. Thanks again for letting us walk along with you.

  2. Ah dahlias, it’s funny how the earwigs manage to find a home deep in the petals,ughh.

    Rattus giganticus had had his time, popped out of his drain at the wrong time, didn’t he.
    Bugsy is so cute and handsome.

    Was the tractor gadget a stone riddler/raker?

    Life is different north of the A31, isn’t it.

  3. The things you see on your blog are so interesting! Your photos are lovley too (well, perhaps not the one of the squished rat! BOL). Ma likes the ones of the Dahlias. They are stunning! A real Autumn sight. And yes, I suppose Santa has to do some practising for Christmas. After all, it was nearly a year ago he last attempted that! BOL! Thank you for writing. Love your furiend AnnieB

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