I know I should think of something catchy for the name but nothing sprang to mind.  But then again, today is Tuesday, so it sort of sums it up. We stopped to talk to the cows on our morning walk and said hello to Tim the bull.

Tim the bull

We don’t know what his name is really, but we call him  Tim.


We walked up the farm track past the other cows that are in another field on their own.

Mothers in the fog

We saw a calf here the other day, and they all look fatter than regular cows, so they may all be having babies.

My Tuesday blip

I blipped this photo today and someone commented that “The cow looks as if it’s been caught doing something it shouldn’t! It’s just got that slightly guilty and awkward look!” which is true!

Daft birds.

We carried on up the track and I found myself a bunch of daft pheasants to chase. Silly things were just strolling along not paying attention to what was going on around them. That was about all for this morning, it was just far too foggy to see much at all!

By the afternoon it was lovely and sunny so we went down to Turners Puddle so I could have a swim.

River Piddle

We walked on up Kite Hill but this time we just followed the path along the top of the hill and then along through the gravel pit where we found someone had been digging and moving gravel.. some of the fairy mushrooms had gone.

A single red spotty fairy mushroom

Now instead of mushrooms there is just a big hole.

Gosh that's a big steep drop

That’s where they were last week and that used to be a slope that I could run up and down. For some reason they’ve moved the gravel over to the other side.

I wonder why..

They’ve also dug up some soil and made a humpy bit..

Hmmm very puzzling indeed

There are several other patches where they’ve dug soil up.

There are some logs and stumps too

We shall have to keep an eye on things and see what happens. The rest of the walk was quite uneventful.. apart from meeting Charlie at the gate.

Charlie the Portugese mountain dog

And then a little further on we spotted where the cattle were grazing. Luckily they weren’t on the pathway today.

It wasn’t far back to the car from here and the end of another walk on a lovely day.

~ by Teagan on September 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. What a neat looking mushroom. Seems like we learn something new with every walk. Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy the pictures.

  2. Hi Teagan, I always love reading your blogs. It’s lovely to ‘share’ other doggies walks but yours especially because they remind me of the lovely walk we had with you back in the summer at Turners puddle. Is this the quarry we passed by I wonder? And that water reminds me of happy times watching you swim beautifully and gracefully whilst I did Westie Paddling at the edge! Happy Doggie Days. Thank you for sharing. Love AnnieB

    • You are sweet Annie, thank you! I always think of you when I take a dip in the River Piddle now!! Nothing wrong with doing Westie Paddling.. you’re just a whole lot more ladylike that me BOL

  3. A mystery! We love a mystery. I wonder wot they is doin

  4. Cows, mushrooms and doggies…what a walk! I do agree with Marley that there is a mystery here! You need to sniff out whats goin on!

    Thanx for sharing your loverly walk.

  5. Surely not Piddle gravel extraction? Dredging in river to make salmon holes for egglaying- er uhm, motor bike scrambling-go on do tell, mysteries are fun.

    Misty autumn pics are fun.

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