Visitors for Tea!!

When we woke up today it was a horrid wet morning so we had a little lie in. Dad had to have a fasting blood test at the doctors so he wasn’t allowed any food or drink.. not even a cup of tea!! Now that’s pretty drastic because dad always has a cup of tea before doing anything. So, we stayed out of the way and didn’t have our breakfast until after he’d left the house! As soon as the rain stopped we went out for a short walk.. not very far though.

Trying to sneak a corn cob

Since they cut the maize field there are lots of corn cobs just lying around on the ground.. but I’m not supposed to eat the big ones, I have to wait until mum finds me the little baby sweetcorn. Not long after two o’clock we went out for another walk, which was a bit odd, we don’t usually go out until later on.

What are we looking for?

Even odder was that we walked up to the main road.. it was far too early for us to be going to the pub!

OK.. it's a bus. A blue bus.

 We stopped when we saw the bus coming and mum told me to sit. I do wish she’d explain more, I like to know why I’m doing something. Why did I want to sit?

Aunty Trudy?

OMD there were people getting off the bus.. and that looked like my Aunty Trudy! I was just soooo excited I could hardly contain myself!!


Woof Woof!! It was Aunty Trudy AND my granny! Two of my most favourite people!


The bus drove off with no passengers.. and it had arrived five minutes early because they’d missed out a whole village. The driver asked the passengers if anyone wanted to get off at Winterborne Stickland and because no one did, he didn’t go there. I hope no one was left waiting at a bus stop for the bus that didn’t arrive.

Do I smell cake?

They were coming to visit us so we walked home as quick as we could and mummy put the kettle on. Now I knew why she’d been baking flapjacks in the morning!

Pucker up

Aunty Trudy lets me give her kisses! Granny doesn’t like me giving her kisses so I have to just give her sneaky licks on her arm.

Can I lick your plate please?

I was spoilt for choice.. do I talk to granny or Aunty Trudy?

Me and my bestest Aunty!

We went for a walk in the garden and showed Aunty Trudy all the flowers.. mum picked us some of the wild strawberries to eat. I hadn’t had one of these for ages and mum reminded me that I used to love them when I was a tiny puppy.

Mmmm nom nom nom

I think Granny and Aunty Trudy have been having a good time on their holiday!

Old friends 🙂


~ by Teagan on September 23, 2010.

9 Responses to “Visitors for Tea!!”

  1. Teegs: OMD! Two visitors in one day and they are your gran and your favorite aunty!?! How exciting! I do luv when my gran comes over because she always gives me too many treats! BOL

    I m jealous you get to pix your own strawberries. If we want to pix them, we have to drive for 5 hours to find the place they grow em. I do luv the strawberries! They are deelishus!

    Your furiend.

    • Grannys are the best aren’t they! The strawberries just appear in the garden like weeds.. mum has put some in pots and they just grow all on their own. They are small ones, not like the big ones you go and pick. Very nommy.. I like them better than big strawberries!

  2. Oh how lucky that you had your Aunty and Granny visit. Sounds like a really good day. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. Hey,,,that’s not Aunty Trudy,,,that’s our Grandma,,,and you’ve made off with her!!!! Bring her back to Canada now!!!!! Right now,,,,we miss her. We start barking 5 minutes before she gets here!!!! Oh Grandma,,when you coming home????

    Love Toughie McGerk and Tyke Malone,,,your grandogs…xoxxoxoxoxoxo

    • Hi there Toughie & Tyke.. your Grandma has been telling me all about you guys, and how BIG you are!! Don’t you worry, I’m looking after her for you and giving her lots of snuzzles and kisses. Woofs & wags from your friend from over the pond xx

  4. That was a lovely story,and proof that buses are not extinct yet.Long may they continue to carry our visitors through our Dorset villages.
    The strawberries look pretty and sweet. Jack likes fruit now, but he is quite choosy.
    I do hope Daddy had a nice breakfast after his bloodtest.

    Waggy tails and sniffs from Jack spaniel

  5. Teagan! These pics just show how much of a happy time you had with your very special Granny and Aunty Trudy! How exciting they came on the bus the see you too! I love reading your bloggie. Thank you for sharing. Love your furined AnnieB

  6. Wow what an exciting day you did have Teagan, nuffing better dan special people friends turning up unexpected. Good to see you have so much good times wif Gran and Auntie Trudy!!!

    BOL Baxter

  7. Hello Teagan:

    You are very lucky to have an Auntie AND a Granny to come and see you.

    I haven’t eaten strawberries yet. Only my Best Friend really likes them.

    And I really like your blue bus. We have buses heretoo. And they are all different colors. But none of them is that nice light blue color like your bus.

    Can you go on the bus with your Mum if you want to? Dogs are not allowed on any buses or trains here. Isn’t that silly?

    From Sammy

    Did you get any flapjacks to eat?

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