Sunday afternoon

This afternoon daddy went out in the car and when he came back he had granny and Aunty Trudy with him! I was sooo excited.. nothing new there then! Anyway, once I’d calmed down we all got into daddy’s car and he drove us down to Tyneham. When we got there we saw a big red helicopter in the carpark.

Air ambulance taking off

It was there because someone had been poorly and had a heart attack so we watched it take off and fly him off to the hospital. Granny and Aunty Trudy went to walk around Tyneham village while I went with mum & dad to play with my hoopy.

Here I come dad!!

I was so busy playing hoopy that I didn’t even realise that we’d arrived with granny and Aunty Trudy and they’d somehow disappeared without telling me!

Did they go that way?

We played hoopy for absolutely ages and mum took hundreds of photos (yes, she really did take that many) of me .

My fav pink hoopy

I was trying to do some extra big leaps so that she could practise taking photos of me jumping!

I can fly... I'm Superdog!!

I did so much running around that I was really tired so we stopped playing hoopy and went for a walk instead. They’re renovating and rebuilding the original old farm buildings so we had a look around. We couldn’t look inside because it was all locked up but we could still look outside.

An old Fordson wind-up tractor!

This one was very old and had a handle to wind at the front!!

Guess who lived here!

The Bull House had this cute little window.. I was standing on daddy’s shoulders for this picture!

Seed Store

This little sign tells you about it.

There was also a little garden with some benches… I sat and had a rest for a while. I wonder why they called it the Batty Bench!

The Batty Bench

This next picture is the big sign that tells you all about the families that lived and worked at Tyneham Farm. It’s a BIG picture so you should be able to click on it and then it will be big and scrolly so you can read all the words on it.

Click on the Picture to read it

After we left Tyneham we went to Church Knowle because we were hoping to have dinner at the New Inn which is a really nice pub that does great food, but now we don’t think it’s quite as nice because it’s NOT dog friendly!! So we drove on to Corfe Castle and decided to have dinner at the Greyhound Inn.. which was very dog friendly!

The Greyhound

We all had a lovely meal and then had a little walk about so that Aunty Trudy could take some photos.

Aunty Trudy!!

She goes home to Canada on Tuesday… I think I’m going to miss my new Aunty but I bet her family will be glad to have her back home!

~ by Teagan on October 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “Sunday afternoon”

  1. Looks like you had a lovely day out, great pics good for you finding a dog friendly pub, we love those kind of establishments! Hope Aunty has a safe trip home.

  2. Oh Teagan, what a lovely picture story! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Love Liv (livnlori)

    • I like to think of my faraway friends coming on walks with me even if they’re not there when I’m there! Do come again another day.

  3. Thanks for another adventure. Enjoyed the pictures and reading about Tyneham Farm. We know you’ll miss Aunty Trudy. She’s a long way from home. Will be looking forward to the next adventure. Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad you enjoyed our little outing. We like Tyneham even if it is a bit sad when you think about all the poor people who were never allowed back to live in their houses. See you next time!

  4. Dear Teagan, Once again you visited somewhere new and interesting for us to see, and with such lovely friends. Aunty Trudy’s very smiley face says it all! And your mum ‘s photos are fantastic. You get awesome ‘air’ as my boies would say! BOL! Thank you for writing. Love your furiend AnnieB X

  5. Fantastic bloggy and pictures as usual! Love the one of you flying! You can come out on my broomstick with me on Halloween! Love you! XXXXX

  6. Wow! What a great adventure! You sure can fly! I love the photos of you running and flying thru the air. They’r the best!

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