Mud, mud, glorious mud

Nothing quite like it for cooling the.. er, um, toes??


It’s also quite good for clearing out blocked nasal passages… you should try it some time… just stick your nose in and blow bubbles!!

Nose down and blow those bubbles!!

Mum says I’m a mucky pup when I do my puddle snuffling…

Anyone want a kiss?

There’s only the one huge puddle on this walk, the rest is pretty boring!
With all the wind and rain we’ve had lately another tree has fallen over. It’s made a sort of archway across the green lane.


It’s been a poorly tree for quite a while, it’s got multiple trunks from when it was part of a hedge and it had gone rotten at the bottom.

Poor thing was rotten

We bumped into Barney and his mum a little further along the lane, we had a little chat and then both went on our way.. it was a lovely day so I stopped to have a look at the view.

Is that a pheasant I see?

The cows in the field across the road are doing their stripey thing again.. it’s pretty clever how they manage to stay in a row!

Neat & tidy cows!

That was about it for this morning’s walk.. we weren’t out long because we had a little outing planned for the afternoon.. to Okeford Fitzpaine with granny and Aunty Trudy.

A green phonebox!!

No, Aunty Trudy didn’t want to make a phonecall, she wanted to go to the churchyard to look at gravestones but you don’t often see a green phonebox!

Pretty houses

We found the church and she found the gravestones of the relatives she was looking for. Unfortunately it’s not a dog friendly churchyard and there was a “No Dogs” sign on the gate so I wasn’t allowed in, not even on a lead. Bah humbug.

St Andrew's Church


~ by Teagan on October 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mud, mud, glorious mud”

  1. OMD! That mud puddle looked like fun! I love the way you blow bubbles in there! Who knew you could do that??? Not me but now I will have to give it a shot. Thanks, Teag for sharing all our wonderful walks! Big “hello” to granny and Aunt Trudy.

    xxx, Your furiend, Oz

  2. We enjoyed our walk with you again today. Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve never seen a green phonebox or any color so that was neat.
    The church is very pretty. You look very handsome even after you’ve had your nose in the water.
    Sending you purrs and a woof from little Tinker.

  3. Hi Teagan!

    I wish we could go on this walk with you. Where you live is very nice. And all that muddy water looks very fun. I love to play and get all mucky and muddy. Because my legs are not so high up as my Best Friend. So I get all wet and muddy all the time.

    Are you scared of those big cows? We don’t know any cows. But we have some horse friends and donkey friends. And I am not afraid of them. Not really very afraid anyway.

    And we have an old telephone box where we live too! Except ours is not green. It’s still red. But I don’t think you can use it for telephoning any more.

    From Sammy

    You see how I look all muddy here:

    • Hi Sammy, Oh I so wish I could go on walks with all my friends! I have long legged friends too, with smooth coats, and the mud just doesn’t stick to them! How weird is that?
      No I’m not scared of the big cows but mum doesn’t let me get too close and I’m usually on a lead if they’re around, or horses. I’ve never met a donkey… I’ve met some shetland ponies and miniature horses, their mum takes them for a walk just like a big dog!!

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