My Playdate with Jack!

I just love surprises!! Last night mummy was acting very weird.. she packed a little suitcase with all my things in it, towels, a hoopy, a ball, some toys, a food bowl, treats, my lead and lots of other stuff.

My suitcase

Then this morning we all got up early.. it was still six something and we never get up that early unless the weather is really hot or something exciting is going to happen! Daddy went off to work early and then mummy put her dog clothes and walking boots on and off we went for a walk. Lots of pheasants were up and about looking for breakfast noms so I chased them!! We got back home, mum put my case and bed in the car and then off we went.. but where were we going?

On our way somewhere!

I didn’t have to wait long.. we drove somewhere I’d never been before and then stopped outside a house!

?? Where are we??

We got out of the car and then guess who came out of the front door?? It was my friend Jack!!


I hadn’t seen him for ages.. he said hello and then jumped in our car and hopped onto the back seat! I think he thought we were all going somewhere! I wanted to go in the house and have a look round.. mum carried my suitcase for me and we all went indoors. I’m afraid I went a bit bonkers running round.. Jack showed me round the house and the garden

We're hiding.. can you spot us?

and told me that I was going to stay all day to play!!

You can go now mum... we'll be fine

I spent all day with Jack and was just beginning to wonder if mummy was going to ever come back for me when the doorbell rang. Gosh, that was a relief, I thought she might have forgotten me.

Come on out mum & see us play

Look at these lovely flowers, they smell ever so nice..

Mmmm lovely sniffs

Mum said we were going to have to go home soon so I thought I’d better have one last play with Jack..

Even though he’s a boy he’s very polite and well brought up… and let me win at our play fighting!


I could hardly keep my eyes open in the car on the way home.

Wake me up when we're home..

A woofing big thank you to Jack and his mummy and daddy for letting me come and visit.. I hope I didn’t leave too many pawprint souvenirs – I’m sorry if I did!! I had an absolutely splendid time and am “dog tired”. I bet we’ll both sleep really well tonight!


~ by Teagan on October 5, 2010.

13 Responses to “My Playdate with Jack!”

  1. Aww, so cute! 🙂 It’s nice to meet another dog blogger.
    You’re lucky, Teagan… usually when my dogs get in the car it’s because we’re going to the vet! 😦
    (Our dogs blog at, if you’re interested!)

  2. What a loverly surprise! I love road trips that end at a play date! It looks like you had loads of fun and really wore yourself out. It must have been a fabulous day!
    xxx, Your furiend, Oz

  3. Hi Teagan!!! My mom read your blog to me. I wish I had a friend to have an all day play date with, but I am sure I’d miss my mom!!

    • Jack kept me so busy I didn’t miss mum too much and when she came to pick me up I’d forgotten all about missing her! Play dates are just the best thing!

  4. Nice to see that Teagan had a good time. Nice post which shares the joys of owning a cocker spaniel.

    Very entertaining blog and post

    Thanks and best wishes


    • Hello, I’m a constant source of joy to mum and dad!! I always have a good time whatever I do.. well, except maybe when I have to go to the vet!

  5. Fantastic site Teagen, very impressed. Probably exchange thoughts later on Twitter.
    Take care and the best to everyone.
    Alfie (and Dad)

    • Thanks for visiting Alfie (and Dad). Do come back again another day! Will be on the lookout for your jolly tweets that give us a giggle!

      • I will have to do something about the picture on my comment, it’s enough to scare me – never mind the pups!!
        I will come back and visit the site, have to go now got to think of some more funnies!!

  6. Teagan:

    You had a very very fun time with Jack! That was a nice surprise!

    But I am so glad your Mum came to take you home!

    From Sammy

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