Apparently today there was a worldwide record geocaching event but we didn’t realise it. However, we did participate because we went geocaching this afternoon and logged two finds!

We’d already done one out of three caches that each have a clue that will lead to a fourth.. so we set out to find the remaining two at Clouds Hill and Moreton Ford. The first one wasn’t far from where we parked the car and was just past this memorial to T E Lawrence.

It says T E Lawrence was fatally injured near this place 13 May 1935

We then went back to the car, crossed the road and headed off through a shiny new supersize kissing gate!

The start of the footpath!

The gate is just to the right of the red STOP sign! All this land belongs to the MOD – Bovington Camp is nearby and all the big tanks do their training just here. Bovington is also the home of the Tank Museum. We have to walk alongside where the tanks go for a while but then we head off into the woods.

I found water!!

And here we are going along the track through the forest.

There are some good smells around here

We’ve walked along here before so you might remember it from an earlier blog post.

Hey, are we going left or right??

It’s a great walk, some nice mud and lots of big puddles and streams full of nice smelly water!

Yay, more water!!

We went past this old derelict house that we’ve seen before.. it’s in a lovely spot isn’t it! No roads to get here so mum would have to get an off road dog vehicle if we lived here!

It gets sadder each time we see it

A bit further on we pass a farm entrance and walk by some fields where we saw lots of cattle last time we walked here, but today all the fields were empty.

Wouldn’t this be a great field to run in?

It wasn’t long before we were nearly at Moreton Ford. But first we had to go past this bit of the stream.. and of course I had to hop in for a quick paddle. I hopped out even quicker, so quick that I’m just a fuzzy black blur leaping out of the water!

Faster than a speeding bullet

I didn’t even have time to dry off before we’d reached Moreton Ford which is great for swimming and games, but we were on a mission so couldn’t stop long!

Come on in, it’s lovely and warm!!

We walked on into the village to find a notice board where we had to look for the names of two poets. Well, that proved a bit too challenging for a dog of small brain!

You can click on this and see it BIG if you want to

Even dad wasn’t sure and he’s ever so clever and knows lots of stuff! So, we had a look at the “hint” and realised that the cache was at the other bridge so we didn’t actually need the coordinates. That was lucky!

This isn’t a circular walk so we had to walk back the way we came. When we got out of the woods and back to the path along where the tanks drive up and down, guess what we saw!!

We can see you!!

There were lots of them walking through the trees all dressed in their camouflage carrying big heavy rucksacks and all their equipment and bedrolls, so it looks like they were off out for the night and going to spend the night sleeping outdoors in the forest! I wonder if they’ll be having a campfire and cooking sausages.


~ by Teagan on October 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “10/10/10”

  1. Looks like another great adventure, Teagan! Thanks so much for posting it! *whispers* That field would have been a pawesome place to run wild!

    • Hi Oscar, If we hadn’t been on a “mission” then I’d have had to go see if that grass was as lush as it looked.. because I’m sure I could smell some pheasants in the far hedge BOL!

  2. looks like you must have been one wet and muddy pooch!

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