Was nothing to do with me, honest!!

Today started off very wet, grey and dismal.. but it perked up a bit towards lunchtime and we went off for a walk. We were on a mission to place the Travel Bug we’d found when we were last geocaching so we headed off to the cache at the top of Bagwood Lane.  Travel bugs are fun but they just won’t fit in a magnetic nano and we’ve had a few of those lately. For non-geocachers here’s a picture of a nano cache.

The little black thing is the Cache

The Garmin GPS gadget is 4″ long so as you can see, a nano is  pretty tiny! We needed a regular size cache.

A regular size cache

We did the geocaching thing first and then made our way up the lane to the mud and puddles at the top!

Mustn't get my feet wet!!

That’s me, walking along the side of the puddle. I’m a girly pup and hate to get my feet wet and muddy. Ha ha.. and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!!

I love blowing bubbles!!

A bit further along we stopped to have a chat with the bullocks.

Chill out time for the boys

The tractor comes up to bring them hay and stuff to eat so the track is pretty churned up.

Lovely consistency.. squishes between the pads

The last bit of this walk is a bit boring because we walk along the road but today there seemed to be lots of good sniffs.. and I got a strong whiff of fresh Mole!!

Mr Mole, I'm coming to get you..

I really was right behind him.. I’m sure I was.. I was digging as fast as I could.

He's down there somewhere

I had to tear at roots with my teeth to let me dig deeper, I was sooooo close, but not quite close enough.

I think I have dirt on my nose

In the end mum said that I had to give up and call it a day so I reluctantly admitted defeat.

OMD I'm sure I used to be a black dog

So Mr Mole was lucky this time but he’d better watch out!!

What pile of dirt?

Nah.. nothing to do with me. I wouldn’t leave a mess like that.


~ by Teagan on October 27, 2010.

7 Responses to “Was nothing to do with me, honest!!”

  1. You must really LUV baths, Teagan ’cause you sure did get dirties! BOL! I did like this post very much. Thanx for sharing!
    Your furiend, Oz xxx

  2. Oh teagan, Ma and I are laughing at this! Imagine what it would have been like if I’d been ‘helping’ with Mr Mole! Did you enjoy your bath?! BOL! Love your furiend, AnnieB X

  3. lol you are so cute, Teagan. I sure hope you’re easier to bath than Pepper – it takes three people to hold her down!

    • I don’t mind baths and showers! In the summer I get the hose outside but in the winter I go in daddy’s shower – I get in the shower cubicle on my own and quite like the bubbles and warm water!

  4. Aha , I see what you mean by the Garmin and the Nano, tiny!
    Ancient beauty trick to have a mud bath you know- my goodness Teagan, a colour change suits you.

  5. Teagan:

    What’s geocaching mean?

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