A grey day

Today it was mostly grey. Quite warm but definitely grey. The sort of day that I don’t blog about because to make it look good I’d have to photoshop all the photos. That would be kind of difficult because we don’t have Photoshop.

View across Muston Down

See what I mean? The hunt was out today but we didn’t see anything exciting, just a bunch of horses in the far distance.

Not even a pheasant..

We did see an ex-crow. I had a quick sniff but crows are only good for chasing so I left it alone.

RIP Crow

There are never any pheasants along here.. but there are usually some over by the hedge

Nothing to chase...

When we got to the hedge there weren’t any pheasants.. I think the horses and hounds had scared them off.

Plenty of puddles to investigate..

Lots of lovely mud and puddles.. but no pheasants so we went through the next gate into the field to walk.. bound to be a pheasant in the hedgerow.

Come on out birdies...

I flushed a few out of this hedge but all too soon we were back on the track..

Come on mum, keep up...

Mum had been wishing she’d worn her walking boots but now she was glad she’d got her wellies on!

Mud 'n' Muckboots

When we got back to the village the fields were strangely quiet.

Can you see what's missing?

They’re usually in that field or across the lane in the other field.

Not here either...

The last of the cows have gone. It won’t be the same without them. I may do a special cow blogpost to remember them by. Anyway, the day ended on a cheerful note because my friend Jack called in to see me!! His mum’s going to get him a jumper so he tried mine on to see how it was for size!

Handsome Jack!

If you’d like a jumper like mine you could get one here! They also have lots of other nice things… I’ve been writing my list for Santa Paws!!


~ by Teagan on October 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “A grey day”

  1. Never mind the moo cows moving onto another field, where did the pheasants go? Jack looks like a goal keeper, does Teagan like playing football? (Jack does)

  2. Hi Teagan:

    I’m glad your Mum wore her Wellies too! But I would like to come with you without any Wellies. Because that looks like fun!

    From Sammy

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