Flower Friday!!

It was another grey day today so we thought we would try to brighten our walk up a bit! So.. what could we do? While we were thinking, we went next door to take some noms to the chickens.. some nice cauliflower, melon seeds and some warm pasta and rice. The poor chickies are moulting so they all look a bit sad.

Henny and Aphrodite

Usually they’re in their run but today they were running wild and free in the garden..

What are they nomming?

Cleopatra was being unsociable and stayed in the run so we didn’t get a nice picture of her.

What's that Fiddick doing?

We went to see their dad but the cheeky Fiddick came up for a sniff.

Kiss kiss kiss

Fiddick has a black & white brother called Checkers but he’s a bit afraid of me and always runs, so of course I run after him if I’m not on a lead! Fiddick just rolls over and lets me snuzzle his tummy.

Is this a bit over-friendly?

Anyway, it was time we went for our walk! So off we went and mum came up with the bright idea to take a photo of every single wild flower we could see! It’s nearly November and the hedgerows are pretty much green so we didn’t think there would be very many. There were lots more than we expected so I thought it would be fun to ask all my twitter anipal friends to guess how many we found!

Flower Friday Competition!!

We had lots of guesses.. @alfienbillie 17, @moxiethepuppy 12, 13, 25, @adogcalledbingo 8, 33, @marleyterrier 8, @nelliespringer 13, @khella2 20, @gizmogeodog 7, 23, @allaboutmarley 27, 19, 18, @baxterman 16, @fozziedog 12, 18, @joeybeancat 35, @jazzydacat 15, @wigglethedog 19, @marthathewestie 25, @bindythebeagle 10, 18, 15, @tylersat99 6, @lucythelab 17. Phew…

Anyway, there were actually 21 plants in flower so I am officially declaring that the winner is Aoife and her dog Holly who tweet as @khella2 because she was the closest with her guess of 20. No one guessed 22 so that’s a relief coz I’m not sure what we’d have done then. That’s a lot of flowers! And no I haven’t written down all their names but you can do that if you want to!  So, well done and  C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to Aoife and Holly!!

~ by Teagan on October 29, 2010.

11 Responses to “Flower Friday!!”

  1. Sounds like you have great day Teagan, so many lovely smelling flowers must have been lubbly.

  2. Was a fun contest…glad Aoife won!!

  3. Hi Teagan: You found a lot of flowers! We find a lot of flowers – and other things – where we live – in the fall – too. You can see some of them here. http://sammystory.net/2009/11/06/samuels-first-sacramento-fall/

    We got a big rainstorm here last weekend. And now it’s going to be another rainstorm this weekend!

    Do you like rain and rainstorms?

    Love from Sammy

    • No Sammy, I don’t like rain. I like swimming and playing in puddles but I don’t like it when the water comes out of the sky and lands on top of my head!! I put the brakes on and refuse to walk! Mum tricks me into walking by pretending that she can see my friends up ahead of us, but I know she’s telling fibs.. I let her go on a short walk with me though, because I know she needs the exercise more than I do!

  4. PS I don’t have any chickens at my house.

  5. I just counted 22 before! Poo!! I iz da winner! Bet Teagan’s butt smelled nommy! XXXXXX

  6. Wow, 21! My estimate of 14 would have been wildly out! I like the look of the chickens (I haven’t met any of those yet)!

  7. I doned new av for you too! XXXXXX

  8. I want chikkins too! Dems make luffy pets. XXXXX

  9. Didn’t we all have fun!! Thanks everyone for joining in with my competition. Maybe one day I’ll have another one… not for a while yet coz my little brain hurts after keeping track of all those guesses!!

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