A mystery and some New Gates!

Well I’m afraid it’s not been overly exciting just lately but I do have an update on our recent walk when we saw the hunt out doing their thing. If you remember, we didn’t actually see anything close enough to take photos so it wasn’t very interesting. But we did see something mysterious… two men, a shovel, a boy and a dog, in the distance.

The mysterious goings on

I think the photo might be a grower if you click on it. Anyway, the other day we went for our usual walk up to the wood and it was blowing an absolute hoolie so instead of walking right across the centre of the field along the path, we walked in the shelter of the hedge and went round the field.

It was "Hole City"!!

All along the hedgerow there were loads and loads of holes, big ones too. We’re not sure if they are badger holes or fox holes but we didn’t see any badger toilets so perhaps they were foxes.. but there would be a huge family of them! Maybe it’s both.

Who lives in a hole like this?

We found the spot where we saw the men… there was a big pile of earth…

Looks like a bit of fox fur to me 😦

Meanwhile, back at home..

This was on Tuesday

And hey presto

This was on Friday!

Lovely new gates and gateposts. And we’re not the only place to have new gateposts.. mum and I went for a walk at Turners Puddle today and what did we see as we parked the car? Posts!!


They look kind of silly at the moment but I think they’re waiting for the concrete to dry. We’ll go back in a few days and see the end result.. but goodness knows why they think they need to put a fence or gate here. It also seems like our nice quiet walk is going to be a cycle trail.


We looked up the Bustinskin website but were none the wiser. There are also lots of little orange flags and more yellow arrows all along the paths. Hopefully it won’t be too busy as we can do without having to listen out for cyclists. None of them appear to have bells to ring when they’re approaching and I’d probably get blamed if I made one fall off.

Who's paddling in my spot?

Look who I found in my favourite swimming hole? Not one but TWO horses and not one but TWO dogs!! I decided to leave the horses to their paddle, it was a bit strange really.. and it wasn’t just me who couldn’t believe what we were seeing!

I've never seen a horse swim..

We left them to their paddling and carried on with our walk… spotting the orange flags every so often.

They've been hedge cutting... vigorously

Maybe it’s because of the cycling that they’ve cut the hedges and trees back so far! They’ve also dug drainage ditches so maybe the path won’t flood in the winter. We shall see.

What? Mud on my nose?

That’s about it for now… the camera battery was running low and mum had forgotten to pick up the spare. It also gets dark pretty quick these days so we had to get a move on because we didn’t want to be out in the dark.

~ by Teagan on November 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “A mystery and some New Gates!”

  1. Thanks for sharing another walk. My anipals and I always enjoy coming along. Nice looking gates and interesting to see the horses walking around in the water. We have horses that live in front of our house. Always love watching them.

  2. Hi Teagan:

    I think those people should leave your walking place alone. They should not clean out ditches and cut hedges and put in gates and fences.

    And we don’t like places where cyclists go. Because they aren’t nice to dogs and other people. And they do bad things. So I hope they aren’t coming to your special place.

    But I think you should put a fence with some posts around your watering hole. And you could have a gate just for you if you wanted. So those horses won’t come there again. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that in your water.

    Because we like horses. And we have some horse and donkey friends. But they don’t do things like that. They just want to play with us.

    Love from Sammy

  3. Dear Teagan,
    We always enjoy wandering along with you on your magical mystery walks too. It is a ‘Virtual walk’ with out the mud and bell less cyclists! (We have enough mud of our own in these parts)

    I love your new gates , but why have gates been erected on your favourite walk?
    Be very careful when you are near to hole digging people,if they are nasty to creatures who love warm cosy holes, they may be nasty to you too.
    I love your muddy nose picture, I bet you were sniffing for something nice- a truffle perhaps? Jack had a good sniff the other day – and four pheasants flew out of a brambly area- they were really chakking as they flew away.



  4. You have some great places to visit! I love walking along country paths. There’s always lots to smell (& sometimes eat & roll in)!

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