Meet Merlin!!

Today was THE most horrible day. It was windy and very very wet. I managed to wait until about eleven for my morning wee but had to be towelled dry when I came in after only about a minute outdoors. So, I decided to stockpile a bit of sleep by catching 40 winks on my lovely new fleecy duvet cover. It’s much cosier than the green waterproof cover.

My new duvet cover is so cosy!!

It arrived yesterday along with some other things from Muddy Paws. They sell lots of lovely stuff and their chief product taster and tester is a cocker spaniel called Oscar! I’m going to go and meet him one day.. I think he needs a deputy in case he ever needs someone to help out!

Anyway, it rained and rained and rained but finally it stopped so we decided to be brave and go out for a walk. We whizzed off down the road because I was pretty desperate for a you know what. That out of the way, neatly collected in a black bag, of course, we stopped to say hello to Barney and Boycie who were just coming back from their walk. In the field we spotted Fudge and another dog.. and mum said that I could go in to play with them.

This is Merlin

Their dad introduced us to Merlin who is only 18 weeks old but absolutely ginormous!! He’s a Leonberger and will be growing even bigger still! He’s not allowed to be too energetic because his little, er, no, make that ‘big’ bones are still growing, but we still had a good run around together.

Me and Fudge

Fudge is good fun to play with.

Merlin and me.. and Fudge's bottom!

Mum took lots of photos of blurry dogs, she’s not much good at getting three dogs in one picture!


She’s pretty isn’t she.

Be nice to me, I'm only little!

They were both bigger than me, but I always give as good as I get.

Little dogs have to play tough!

Fudge and I were both doing lots of woofing and showing our teeth but we were only playing.

Time for a rest

It’ll be nice to watch Merlin growing up. I think I’d better keep on his good side because he’s going to be a pretty huge dog when he’s all grown up!


~ by Teagan on November 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Meet Merlin!!”

  1. A Leonberger called Merlin, that is very grand. What a very huge hairy pup. Fudge is very gorgeous too. Teagan looks so tiny, of course she is neat, but very big hearted. I am so glad the weather cleared for a while. All dogs need a good romp around.

    Do Muddy Paws need another staff member from this end, a quality control sampler!!! A certain male w/cocker could be a strong candidate!

    Lovely action pics again.

    Love Jack and True_Belle x

  2. Hi Teagan:

    I like your new duvet cover. It looks very nice and warm. We have a blue and white one. And we love it. Because it rained at our house on Sunday. And we got drenched when we went outside because our Kind Friend didn’t even know it was raining.

    Barney and Boycie and Fudge and Merlin look very nice. I wish I could come and play with them and you. But you are right. Merlin is going to be very very big. Is he going to fight some lions?

    Love from Sammy

    PS Did I tell you? … My Best Friend got bitten by a dog where we live. Except that dog wasn’t even very big like Merlin. But he bit a big piece out of my Best Friend’s tongue. That was a very bad dog. He tried to bite me too. But I ran away.

  3. I like your bed. That looks really comfy. A girl can’t have too much comfy!

    Your friends look fun to play with. I think I would like to play with all 3 of you!

  4. Love the bed. I totally understand about braving the rainy days. Your friends look like a lot of fun to play with.

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