A walk in the dusk…

This evening we went out for our walk at 4 o’clock.. half an hour before sunset because mum wanted us to be out in the dark tonight. I’ve got a fab new Leuchtie light collar which means mum can see me in the dark, well, she can see my collar in the dark!

We walked up past the dog field and I spotted the westie  doing circuits and Ollie had just arrived with his dad, so I persuaded mum to let me go in for a while to say hello. No sooner had we said hello than Bugsy and Bonus arrived with their mum and dad, and then Millie arrived with her mum. What a lot of dogs!

Me and Bonus

Bonus is good fun and we did lots of chasing around.

I'm gonna catch him!!

His brother Bugsy is a funny looking dog and doesn’t do vigorous running and chasing!


After we’d had a good run around, mum and I left the field and walked on up the lane to go for a proper walk – she let me wear my new light collar.

Me in my Leuchtie led light collar

It was just past sunset so it was going to start getting dark pretty quickly. We were only doing a short walk so we went on up the track and I checked out the days peemail.

I think it looks really smart, doesn’t it? It’s certainly very comfortable and I don’t mind wearing it. I got it from Collarways – they come in 8 different colours so it was really hard for mum to choose.

Can you see me?

It looks even brighter when it’s really really dark, but then all you can see in photos is the collar.. kind of spooky!

I love my Leuchtie!

It’s quite chunky but for pups smaller than me they do a smaller version in lots of different sizes so even tiny dogs can wear one! It has four bright lights around it and, if I want to, I can even go swimming in it or wear it in the rain because it’s waterproof. I probably won’t ever want to swim in the dark, but when it’s raining I do get pretty wet in the long grass.

It's raining.. I think we should go home now.

We went down through the field towards the bridge and the cow field.. hmm, now there are no cows I wonder what we’ll call it?

Can you spot me?

It was raining quite a lot now so we walked quickly through the cow field and back home.

Let me in...

After a rub down with a nice warm towel it was time to snuggle in my bed in the kitchen to wait for my dinner.  I love dinner time!


~ by Teagan on November 14, 2010.

10 Responses to “A walk in the dusk…”

  1. Thanks for letting us walk along with you today.
    We love your new collar. It’s neat to be able to see you
    when you’re walking ahead of your mom.

  2. Teagan, I totally got to talk my parents into getting me one of those collars. Being a black puppy when it gets dark at 5 isn’t the best thing for walks. It appears you have a dog park near your home, that is so cool. I liked the pics of you and your friends. Love reading about your day. Also like the blog. Looks good on my iPhone. Now to talk my parents into a MacAir or iPad, but I digress. Keep up the good work.

  3. Teagan:

    That looks like so fun. With rain and mud and your friends to play with.

    But your collar is really nice. And the photographs you took of it are very good. Because I could really see you in the dark. Isn’t that clever? Is it really some lights in there? Inside the collar?

    We almost got some of those collars sometimes. Because my Kind Friend won’t buy any collars for us that are not soft. Except it sounds like your one is nice to wear. So maybe we chould get one like that.

    I hope you had a nice dinner after your walk!

    Love from Sammy

  4. Thats a very nice collar but I dussnt fink I gettin one cos then dad do find me when I is out at night barkin at squirrels

  5. Ahh! I’ve seen UFDs in my park. Now they are no longer Unidentified Flashing Dogs – I know their secret!

    • I’ve never seen any of my friends in the village wearing anything bright at night. Even the humans don’t wear proper reflective gear… which is very dangerous when it’s dark out because in our village only 1 small road has 5 or 6 streetlights, so when it’s dark it’s dark!!

  6. My word, Teagan, I am surprised no one thought you were a UFO !

    Your collar is very sci-fi, wow. That is the trouble with black w/cockers, one does trip over them in the dark- unless they are painted luminous green or have a super swish collar like yours.

    PS, Perhaps a cavalcade of lit up doggie pals would make a pretty video!

    • What a good idea!!! I just need to persuade a bunch of friends to get one and then we could do some synchronised chasing in the dark, that would be fun!!

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Teagan The Dog, Gabriela Lerner. Gabriela Lerner said: @TeaganTheDog I think your Mum took some great pictures. Not easy taking pics in low light/dark. Thanks for sharing it. http://j.mp/cDv47P […]

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