Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow!!!!

Yay, I love snow! We woke up on Friday to find everything outside a little bit white..

We've got snow!!

Mum and I decided to get our snow togs on and go for a walk to the top of Muston Down, to see what it was like up there.

Hoopy was being a bit naughty 🙂

It was a bit chilly at the top of the hill but it was lovely being able to see lots of snow in every direction.

So much space to run..

On our way home we bumped into Hilary, my groomer, who was out walking Ace the poodle and Sadie the border collie pup. Ace is a woofy chap but Sadie is lovely. Me, well, I just rolled over and got my jacket all covered in snow!

Sadie & Ace


~ by Teagan on December 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow!!!!”

  1. Wow! Look at all that snow!! Thanks for sharing these photos ’cause I have never seen snow before! I bet it is fun to run and roll around in!
    xxx Oz

  2. We have been avin fun in the snow too my pal. I oike goin for walks in it cos everyfing smell differentt.

  3. Teagan:

    I wish I could play with you in the snow.
    I think I would like that.
    But I never went to the snow yet.

    We were going to go today.
    But the snow didn’t come low down enough.
    I don’t know what that means.
    But I think it got stuck at the top of the mountains.
    And couldn’t come lower down.

    I hope I can see it soon.
    It looks so pretty.

    Does it feel funny on your feet?

    Did you wear a coat to go out in the snow?

    Love Sammy

    • Hiya Sammy, I hope you get to see snow soon. It feels really funny on your feet and sometimes it’s skiddy too. Sometimes I wear a coat but then sometimes I don’t wear a coat. It all depends. xxTeaganxx

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