Snow… it must be Christmas??

On Saturday when we woke up it had snowed even more! It was lovely.. white everywhere! I thought it was Christmas, but it wasn’t.. that’s still a week away, so I have to keep on opening doors on my Advent Calendar and eating the treats.

Saturday morning snow!

We all went out for a walk up to the bakery to buy some bread..this is the lane we live on, daddy and I have left fresh prints in the snow!

Fresh footprints!

There were hardly any cars out on the roads.

Duck Street

Some cars had been up the main road – this is daddy and me at the end of Bagwood Road.

Dad and me

And this is looking the other way up the hill on the road that goes to Bere Regis.

Mummy and me

Anyway, we were going up the lane and across the field to the bakery, not up the main road.. so off we went.

At the Winterborne Bakery

And then we got to the difficult bit… deciding what to buy

Mmmmmm fresh bread & cakes

Dad got a Mill Loaf, two sausage rolls and two cranberry danish things. He put them in his rucksack and then off we went to walk up to the Clump.

The footpath goes up through this field

Seemed like a jolly good time for a bit of hoopy and general zoomies in the snow!

A skiddy stop in the powder!

We walked up to the clump and then along the field where we found that someone had been making snow angels!

A Snow Angel!

We walked down Bagwood Lane and then decided to go down past the kennels where all the hounds live. At the junction we met up with Zebedee and his mum so he and I had a little bit of a zoomie time.

Zebedee and me

At the bottom of the track we have to cross and walk down the main road for a bit.. but we didn’t have to worry too much about traffic today!

Dad was indeed going very slowly..

Then we went into the big field just past Margaret Greens, where all the homeless doggies are, and left our footprints in the perfect snow!

Such a lot of whiteness!!

I love love love the snow!!

It was a bit difficult playing hoopy because it kept hiding itself in the snow. I managed to get it to sit on its end.. just once!

I did this all on my own!!

We needed a rest after this walk, but I still had energy left to go for a walk in the afternoon before it got dark. We decided to walk up the Anderson track.

A possible blipfoto

We walked up to this barn because mum had blipped it two days running.. on Thursday and on Friday, but we didn’t today, even though we walked all the way up here again.

Getting dark at 2 minutes past 4

There was going to be a big moon and a clear sky so we weren’t in too much of a hurry to get home but we still took a short cut.

Had to sniff out all these snow tracks!!

It was getting quite chilly by the time we were nearly home, so I was glad that dad had my jumper in his pocket.. and my Leuchtie.

In my Leuchtie collar & my jumper


~ by Teagan on December 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Snow… it must be Christmas??”

  1. Fab bloggy as usual and the pictures are stunning!


  2. Gorgeous slippery pics, we can see what strange snow we have all had – it is similar to polystyrene granuals!

    Snow angels – gosh where were the footprints ? How lovely.

    All credit to you Teagan for not losing your hoopie in the snow.

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

  3. Lovely photos Teagan. It’s always nice to be the 1st one to put footprints in the snow!

  4. Love your blog Teags, just popped bye to take a look at your lovely White Christmas…
    Sunny & happy here in Sydney – we’re retaining the Ashes, what more could a Pommie Katt want!?
    Cheers & Happy New Year,

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