Fun in the Snow

Can you believe that we still have snow? I’ve seen snow every Christmas so I think I’m a lucky pup! We had even more on Monday.. big snow flurries. Dad had gone to work but only got as far as Winterborne Zelston and then he turned round and came back home again.

Monday 20th at 11.01am

Isn’t that wonderful? Now that’s a decent quantity of snow..

More snow!!

After lunch we went for a walk.

That's me.. the flying dog!

The snow was really deep.. well, almost up to my tummy, so it was really fun and I had to do lots of springing even though I’m a cocker spaniel and not a springer spaniel.



Luckily we’d brought my purple ball instead of the hoopy, so it was a bit easier to see in the snow.


Big leap for the ball 🙂

On the way back down past the farm we met the chocolate Sussex Spaniel that lives at the farm, I think his name is Buster. We don’t usually get to chat, but we did today.


Me and Buster

Here he is a bit closer.. he’s very handsome – very solid and dependable!


Sussex Spaniel "Buster" (I think!)

In the evening we walked up to the pub. These are some of the Christmas lights on houses near the church.


Me... and dad hiding behind the car!!

~ by Teagan on December 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fun in the Snow”

  1. Wow Teagan, lookit all that snow! So pretty.

  2. Wow-eee ,what wonderful pictures of a bouncing happy cocker. That snow looks pretty deep, ours was about four inches and just starting to thaw now- you must have had twice as much, because it comes up to your tum tum and your gate.

    The pub lights look so pretty as does your special collar.

    I like the look of Buster, he really looks as if he is talking to you — brrr grrooor wo wo.

    We love your Narnia type pics, and adventures.

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

  3. Great action shots! I love your leutchie (if that’s how you spell it!) collar – you fit in nicely with the Christmas lights!

  4. I fink you did ave even more snow than we did my pal. You did very well to jump out of it tho, I can’t manage that wiv my little legs

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