It’s a little Spooky….

Well, I think it is…. the fog. The fog is spooky….

Hope I don't get lost!

It was all white this morning and not the nice snow type white because all the snow has melted and turned into fog. We went for our walk and could only see a little way in front of us. The fog was everywhere.

It was to the left..


Straight ahead...


To the right...


Behind us...

So, that was about it for photos of today’s walk!


~ by Teagan on December 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “It’s a little Spooky….”

  1. Oooohhh, the fog can be very spooky! Great post buddy & terrific pictures too!
    Theresa & Prudence
    (aka @tildatoo)

  2. Oh, to the right was the spookiest…I would not have gone that way at all! You are brave to be out in that spooky fog.
    XXX Oz

  3. That is spooky! Hope the edges of the world have come back now!

  4. Hi Teagan:

    I like the photos you took of the fog.
    Because it was even behind you too!

    It’s foggy here this morning too.

    I like it when it’s cold.
    Because there’s lots of good smells.

    And I love it when it’s snow.

    But I don’t like when I can’t see things.
    Like when it’s foggy.

    But I hope you had a good walk anyway!

    From Sammy

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