Last day out for 2010!

Today it’s Friday 31st December 2010 and tomorrow it will be a brand new year. This morning I went for a walk and then when we got back we got in the car and went to Lymington.

The Quay at Lymington

There were some great smells and I wasn’t very good at walking to heel because it was all just a bit too exciting for a wee pup like myself.

Wow... huge ducks?

We went for a walk around and then we went into The Ship Inn on the Quay to wait for daddy’s family to arrive.

The Ship Inn, The Quay, Lymington

They were coming all the way from the Isle of Wight to meet us for lunch.

Yay, it's Auntie Kathy!

It wasn’t just her, Uncle Steve was there too and my cousins.. Nicola and Ben.

Hey dad... who's that handsome fellow?

They all ordered some food and I had to sit and be a good girl.

Can I have something to eat please?

The pub gave me my own special water bowl and I had some tripe and a bit of pizzle that mummy found in her handbag..

Nom nom nom

A cute little pixie came to talk to me..

Tickle my tummy, please?

After everyone had eaten their lunch we went for another walk around Lymington.

We walked up here..

There were lots of people and all the shops had sales but I wasn’t allowed to go in the shops.

It's a bit hilly

We walked all the way to the top of town and then we walked back down again, a bit like the Grand Old Duke of York, well, maybe not.

Back where we started...

And then we were back at the carpark by the pub on the Quay and had to say goodbye to Auntie Kath, Uncle Steve, Ben and Nicola before they went to get their ferry back to the Isle of Wight.

Goodbye to Lymington

Our last trip out for 2010 but I’m sure we’ll have lots more in 2011.

~ by Teagan on December 31, 2010.

7 Responses to “Last day out for 2010!”

  1. Wow! What a day and what a way to close 2010! Wishing you more lovely walks in 2011. Happy New Year!
    xxx Your furiend, Oz

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog, Teagan. Hope you have a great New Year. x Nellie

  3. That looks pawsome. We love pubs wot allow doggies. Don’t forget to tell @ doggiepubs about it!

  4. What a great day to end the year. Weren’t you well behaved! I think you Mum has the best handbag to find tripe & pizzle in it (you don’t suppose she has a secret nibble at it when you’re not looking do you?!)

  5. Can’t believe you got your own bowl! Must pay them a pouchy visit myself soon x x

  6. What a lovely day you had Teagan!

    I like Lymington.
    And the quay.
    And the pub.
    I want to have some pubs here so we can go there.

    Me and my Best Friend can go in some stores here.
    But there isn’t any pubs.

    Does the Duke of York live up that hill?

    And guess what?
    We saw some geese like that near my house.
    There was lots of them.
    And they were crossing the road in a line.
    Except there wasn’t a cross walk there.

    I really liked seeing everything you did in Lymington.

    Bye for Now Teagan.

    Happy New Year!

    from Sammy

  7. We loved your blog Teagan, and we also love pubs like The Ship Inn on the Quay who welcome dogs, I expect they are so used to old sea dogs , that another furry type of dog won’t make any difference!

    We are so happy that you didn’t go back on the ferry to the Isle of Wight with Auntie Kathy!

    Love from Jack and True_Belle xxx

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