Lost and Found!!

If you’ve been reading since a long time ago, you may remember back in June 2009 mum threw my yellow hoopy a bit too high and it landed on a barn roof. Well, that was a sad day. It was my favourite yellow hoopy, well, it was my first hoopy and it was a good flyer. Unfortunately mum wasn’t a good climber and couldn’t get on the barn roof to rescue it for me.

I was distraught at the loss of my favourite toy so mum bought me some more, so I now have a collection of hoopies in different colours.

Multi-tasking.. with ball AND hoopy!!

The new bendy yellow hoopy

Pink hoopy

My green hoopy

My mini 'Orange' hoopy

Every time we walked past the barn we would see it on the roof. Then one day a few of months ago, it had been very windy and stormy and when we walked by we noticed that it had gone!  We looked all over for it, in case it had fallen off the roof and landed in the long grass or brambles, but it was nowhere to be seen. Then, last Thursday, we were just walking our usual walk up past Hill Barn and what did we see?

Am I seeing things?

I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it was my favourite hoopy!!  We were reunited once more.

Happy again 🙂


~ by Teagan on January 19, 2011.

12 Responses to “Lost and Found!!”

  1. That was a lovely story Teagan. Things do appear again when we least expect them to. Your Hoopies are such lovely colours. I must say you are looking really well and glossy too!

    See you soon
    Love from Jack and True_Belle xx

  2. I cannot believe, after all that time, you were reunited with your favorite yellow hoopy! How excellent! Please be sure to teach Ma how to throw it correctly so this doesn’t happen again.
    XXX Oz

    • She is doing throwing lessons and is getting better at it! Dad can throw further but he loses more stuff.. he even threw one in the sea once. They don’t float. I cried.

  3. OMD! I rememmer when you losted your hoopy. How wonnerful that you has been reunited again!

  4. Dat is such a lovely story wiv a happy ending! Sometimes replacements are just not da same as da original. T is like dat wiv her smelly old bear! You just gotta get Dad to buy Mum climbing lessons!! XXXX

  5. Hurray for hoopy! Wot a great end to a looooooong story.

  6. Wow – your mum must be really good at throwing. My Owner is so rubbish there’s no way it would get onto the roof (even on a windy day!)

  7. Hooray for Teagan’s Hoopy!!

    I am so glad you got it back Teagan.
    But I like all the other ones you got too.
    Do they work like frisbees?

    I like to chase tennis balls.
    But I never chased a frisbee or a hoopy.

    My Best Friend knows how to play with a frisbee.
    But he doesn’t like it though.
    Do you think we would like a hoopy?

    Don’t let your Mum throw it near that barn again Teagan!

    Love from Sammy

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