Swimming in my Leuchtie

Today was a cold day but it didn’t stop me wanting to go for a walk and go swimming! We’ve been going to Turners Puddle for the last few days as there is less mud there.. not to mention an abundance of lovely water for me to swim in!! As we drove along the lane this afternoon we had to stop the car to let a funny looking pheasant cross the road.

A Reeves's Pheasant

It’s not a very good photo because we were in the car but it was very big and very pretty with a white head and the most ginormously long tail feathers!! You can read more about Reeves’s pheasants by clicking here. I hope this one manages to escape being shot this season and gets a chance to have a family. Up in the woods I got the scent of something… hmmm what’s that up ahead.

Can you see what I see?

Big decision.. to chase or not to chase. Probably best not to even try chasing as they’re too far away and he’s glaring at me.

Is he looking at me?

I like the walk across the heath and in the woods but we mostly just see lots of deer and the occasional fox.. not a lot of pheasants… so if I get bored we stop at our favourite spot and I pose for a photograph. This one is from yesterday because today we were a bit late and had missed all the nice sunshine.

Make sure you get my good side 🙂

We do see other animals that aren’t wild – there are the cattle at the top of the hill

Mmmm Steak

and then there are the horses by the stream

Hello over there

and then there’s Rita the Kune Kune pig. She’s very friendly and comes to talk to us if we call her.

Rita the Kune Kune Pig

But apart from them we don’t usually meet anything for me to chase so when we get to a bit of open ground I play with my hoopy. Today I had my mini orange hoopy and as it was getting dark I was wearing my Leuchtie collar.

Don’t I look smart in it? It’s great, I love wearing it and it means that mum can see me when it gets dark and at this time of year it gets dark really quickly once the sun has gone down.

A perfect pose!!

Anyway, mum wanted me to try it out in the water because it’s totally waterproof and can be worn in the rain and even for swimming!! So, I was going to try it out and check that it really is proper waterproof!

I'm going in!!

And here I am almost in!!

Doing the doggy paddle

The water was a bit cold but it was lovely so I had quite a big swim.

This is fun!

I was going quite fast so mum got a fuzzy photo but you can see my Leuchtie  shining.

Time to eat a bit of stick

See how wet I am? And my Leuchtie is still working. So I think it’s time to go home now and get snuggled up in my bed beside the radiator to dry off.

Goodbye water.. until next time

Now to make some zzz’s

Time to dry my tummy!


~ by Teagan on January 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “Swimming in my Leuchtie”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Teagan The Dog and Gabriela Lerner, Kings of England. Kings of England said: RT @Collarways: Love blog by @teaganthedog about swimming in the dark with a #Leuchtie LED light collar for #dogs http://j.mp/eF8DJN […]

  2. Great collar. Anything that means you can stay out later is fab. I can’t believe you didn’t chase the deer – what a good girl! I would like to say hello to all the animals!

    • Hiya Millie, Mostly I’m good and don’t chase stuff if mum says not to. I do sometimes chase deer but once I did and I got lost for about an hour (ok it was probably only 10 minutes) and mummy got upset and I was scared too when I couldn’t find my way back to her.

  3. Brrr Teagan!

    That looks like it was very cold in that water.
    We’re glad you didn’t chase that Reeve’s Pheasant.
    I hope the hunters don’t shoot him too.

    And I hope they don’t shoot the deer as well.
    Except I have never seen a deer.

    But I’ve seen cows.
    And horses.
    And donkeys.
    But not a pig.
    I don’t think I have.

    I really like the photos of your walk.
    And I wish I could come.
    Because I don’t mind getting all muddy and wet too,

    Love Sammy.

    And that collar with the funny name is very good.
    I think we should get some at our house.

  4. That was another beautiful adventure, I think Mum does very well with her camera , especially with you taking her along interesting tracks full of wildlife.

    The Reeves pheasant looked very pretty- not too sure about Rita though!

    The Leuchtie is a brilliant idea, it certainly looks effective on Teagan swimming in the pond.
    I have seen horses and their riders wearing something similar on these dark wintery days.

    Super duper descriptive journal again.

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

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