Return to the Woods

Today we went to Whatcombe Woods, just for a change. There’s no water so I don’t get to go for a swim, but there are loads of trees and things to sniff.

That little blue dot is me!!

We had a look on the iPhone maps to see where we were going but we mostly knew where we were so we didn’t really need it, we just wanted to see if it was going to work! Since we last went they’ve been doing lots more tree work so it all looked a lot different.

We took the anti-clockwise circuit

The trees are mostly all well spaced out now.. when we first came here a lot of them were all really close together. You couldn’t see the wood for the trees!!

Such a lot of sniffs to check out

It all looks a bit bare without any leaves on the trees and even barer now that a lot of the trees have been chopped down.

Lots of log piles every so often

Because it was just mum and me we decided to investigate the other paths that mum usually asks dad “where does that go?”

A new pathway.. what's up here?

He usually tells her where they go but she says that’s not the same as actually walking along them and seeing for yourself. This one comes out on one of the other tracks.

A field of sheep and a big house!

After walking up a hill and down a hill, it ends up down here.

Ah.. that's where it goes!

So we turned around and walked back along the way we’d come and then we tried out another path!

All clear down here

This ended up bath on the same path as the last one.. so we now have a new circular extra to add on.. and there’s that path across the track that we’ve not investigated yet. We’ll save that for another day.

Pheasant Alert!!!

I went steaming off up into the woods on the scent of a pheasant.. I didn’t hear mum shouting to tell me that the bird had flown off before I’d even started running. Ah well, it was a fun chase even if I didn’t get to flush the birdie.

Keeper's Cottage

We walked on down past Keeper’s Cottage and didn’t see the big dog that’s sometimes in the garden. They’ve chopped a lot of trees down around here. The pathway we take up through the woods is only half a pathway now!

Where have the trees gone?

There were no tree men working here today but this is where they’re chopping trees down at the moment.

Loads of log piles

I think this tractor has been taken over by an alien being – look at all the tubes coming out of it!

Spaghetti Junction?

This is obviously where they’re doing all their tree work at the moment, well, not right now, but when they’re doing it, it’s where they are.

Tree to my left is just waiting for a push!!

This is the big dark bit of the wood that daddy likes. We usually walk up through it but we couldn’t even find the pathway today, besides, we didn’t have daddy with us and mum and I didn’t fancy having a Blair Witch moment!!

See how dark and spooky it usually is!!

We’re not sure if they’re going to leave some of the trees or chop them all down.. there are lots of big open spaces now though.

Now you see them, now you don't

Poor trees, are now in piles marked up with their destinations and sizes. Mendip. AG. East. I wonder who they are? Some piles are short bits and some are very big, up to 5 metres long. A bit sad really but I’m sure they’ll be planting new trees when they’ve finished.

A mega log pile!

We seem to be getting a cloudy spot on some photos now. Hmmm I wonder what that is. It wasn’t a cloud in front of those logs that’s for sure! Anyway, we’re almost at the end of our walk. We just have to go down the path which goes by the big house.

Ned the Newfie's house

And then we go down the lane and past this big old barn..

Lovely old barn with old stuff on it.

And then past the cottage that has been completely renovated and is now having its flint wall re-built.

Looking lovely isn't it.

They’re still busy re-building the flint wall that goes all around the grounds of Whatcombe House. That’s a huge house that’s kind of like the big house, only bigger. You can see some pictures of it here. This is a good walk for windy days so I think we might be coming back here again quite soon!


~ by Teagan on February 3, 2011.

5 Responses to “Return to the Woods”

  1. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Always enjoy the history that you have there and all of the pictures that you take on your walks. Looked at the pictures of the old house.
    Everything loos so pretty.
    We live in Virginia. Lots of Civil War history right around us.

    • I’m glad you like our walks, I like being able to show my friends where I go and what I do. My granny can’t come on walks with me so it’s nice for her too to be able to sort of come with us.

  2. Teagan:

    That was a very fun walk.
    I wish I had woods to go in too.
    You are very lucky.
    Because you have the best walks in the whole world.

    But why are they cutting down all the trees?

    I like to chase birds too.
    But I haven’t seen a pheasant yet.
    I don’t think I have.
    Except my Best Friend said pheasants are bigger than me.

    So I don’t know if I should chase them.
    What happens when you chase them?
    Can they hit you in the face like cats do?

    We went walking in the fields yesterday.
    It was so fun.
    But we got too hot already!
    And we didn’t see any rabbits.

    I like that map you put.
    How did you do that?

    Love from Sammy

  3. That looks like a great place for walkin my pal. We like fezzants cos we can chase em fru da bushes. Its nice to go to new places where there is new peemail waitin for you too.

  4. I’d love to go on that walk – it looks like there’s lots to sniff (so much that you didn’t do any digging by the looks of it!). I hope they don’t chop all the trees down though.

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