Valentines Day!!

This year Valentines Day was on a Monday. Now, what kind of silly day is that? A parcel had arrived for me on Friday 11th but I wasn’t allowed to open it. Mummy put it on the kitchen table and left it there. Out of reach. Isn’t that mean?

By the time Sunday night came I had sniffed the parcel a hundred gazillion times and mum gave in and said that I could open it. I’d already given dad his present from me so it was only fair. (I adopted him a squirrel from Dorset Wildlife Trust, he got a certificate, a mouse mat, a book about red squirrels and a little badge too.)

My card & chocolate biscuits

This is what was in my parcel… aren’t they wonderful? It’s a gorgeous hand made card with a hand written verse in it from my beau Mr Kipling and these absolutely delicious ‘I love you’ doggy biscuits! Oh, and a pack of fishy dental treats so I can clean my teeth after eating the biscuits! Huge thank you’s to Mr Kipling and also thank you to @frugaldougal ‘s mum who had something to do with the parcel because it came from Dougal’s Den. That’s a great website, so go visit it!

"Mr Kipling"

I made a little video card to send to Mr Kipling, it’s Romeo and Juliet and we play the leading roles!! Click on THIS LINKY if you would like to see it.

I also got another card from my cute friend Niqqi, she really is the Princess of Pinkness and all things cute!!

Niqqi.. isn't she the cutest?

This is the card she sent me.

My card from Niqqi

My twitter friend Baby Patches @BabyPatches from Nip and Bones (@nipandbonesllc) helped me send a Valentines present to Mr Kipling too.. I sent him a sheep, because he mostly spends his time on the beach in California and I figure there aren’t many sheep there!

Mr Kipling and his sheep


~ by Teagan on February 14, 2011.

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  1. What lovely presents & cards you got!

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