I won a prize!!

A little while ago I visited Johnny Muttley’s website to have a look around. They have some cool stuff in their shop, a gallery of nice photos, a forum, a blog and lots more. Gizmo the dog has even starred in his own film!! You can see it here.  Anyway, I’m not getting to the point. Hey, come back from those links… you can go look at those later. While I was there I spotted a competition so I entered! (They have one every month, so don’t forget to check it out.)

Next thing I knew was I got an email from Ruth at Johnny Muttley telling me I’d won!! I was so excited! After that I sort of forgot all about it until this morning when Mr Postman rang our doorbell because he had a parcel that he couldn’t fit through the letterbox.

This smells interesting...

What could it be?

Such neat wrapping...

There was a big one and a little one. Mum helped me take the cute tissue paper off… it had dogs and pawprints on it so she folded it up to use again… I just wished she’d hurry up and open the parcel so I could see what was in it.

Doggy Travel Bowl

Wow, it was a cool blue doggy travel bowl, with a food compartment in the bottom and another in the top for water! It’ll be just great for our summer outings in the car because the bowl I’ve got at the moment is supposed to be non-spill but it’s not really. It also doesn’t have a lid so when I’m not drinking all sorts of stuff can fall in the water. I may like drinking from stinky muddy puddles but I do actually prefer nice clean tap water, preferably filtered of course because I’m a classy pup you know!

Choccies too!!

Look! As well as the bowl, in the little parcel there were some doggy chocolates! Mmmm nom nom nom. I’ve already eaten a little bit of one of them, it was very delicious!

My new travel flask

Thank you Gizmo and Ruth at Johnny Muttley, I love my bowl and it’ll be going in the car on our next big day out so I can eat my dinner out of a proper bowl and not just a manky tupperware container!


~ by Teagan on February 15, 2011.

8 Responses to “I won a prize!!”

  1. What a great prize! Looks like a good excuse for a big outing in the car to me!

  2. OMD! That is the coolest travel bowl ever!!! You are one lucky girl Teagan!!!

  3. What a clever pup you are!!

  4. You are the best ideas girl pup in the world. I would put you on TV and call your programne – Teagan’s Click- !! (My favourite)

    We love that travel bowl- Is Johnny Muttley a doggie Boden 🙂

    Very good for humans too,( the travelling bowl that is !)

  5. Hi, Teagan! I’m glad you came to visit my blog and chatted with me via twitter today! One of Jeannie’s favorite bands is Tegan and Sara, so she really likes your name!

    Those tiny pics on twitter don’t do you justice — what a pretty girl you are! 🙂 That travel bowl is very cool! Congratulations on your winnings!

    Can’t wait to sniff around your blog to learn more about you! Please come visit me again soon!

    – Mayli the Labradane

  6. That is a beautiful food bowl for traveling… I also got a new rabbit hutch for my rabbit (a gift from a new neighbor) which we can use while in travel.

  7. conCATulations! That’s a fantastic prize – happy you won! xoxox

  8. Ooo! Teagan! What a fabulous prize! I’d want to travel all the time just so I could snack out of that cool bowl!

    P.S. Shadow the cat IS a slug! He just lays about all day & all night long, complaining about stuff, BOL

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