I’m a working dog

This morning we got up early and daddy took me up to the field for a run around, which wasn’t really what I was expecting. I prefer things a little more leisurely in the mornings.. a nice lie in, breakfast, a nap and then a walk when the weather has warmed up a bit.

Anyway, I had my breakfast and then we went out to daddy’s car.. and I found my crate was on the back seat and mummy had packed me a little bag of things to take with me. We waved bye bye to mummy and then half an hour later we were at the office!

Me at the office

I like going to the office but don’t go very often, well, except at the weekend when I go with mum because she goes in and has a tidy round and plays with Henry Hoover, but that doesn’t count because no one else is there then.

Me at my desk, and Jane

Daddy took these pictures with his iBone and I’ve got a bad case of the scary eyes in all of them!! It makes me look like a devil dog, BOL.

Me and Michael

Michael was explaining to me how to do technical stuff on the computers. I think I might be better suited to something client related.. maybe on reception doing the meeting and greeting? It was a very long day and I was there until after five o’clock, so I was on overtime rates.

Saying bye bye to Aunty Susie

Daddy and I were late leaving and on the way back home we called in to the pub for a well deserved pint! When we did get home I had my dinner and then I just had to have a nap, it had been a really tiring day. I was so tired I didn’t even get into my bed properly, I just flopped down and fell asleep.



~ by Teagan on March 1, 2011.

7 Responses to “I’m a working dog”

  1. OMD! How exhausting. I would think it would be nice to be with dad all day, but at work?!? At least you got to pop in at the pub on the way home.
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  2. Goodness me, wot a tiring day. I dunno ow you coped my pal. It all look very offishul. Also, I notiss that it is not sellin noms or anyfing for doggies so I suspect it was not as intrestin as it might ave been in other places.

    • Unfortunately not.. it’s a boring office with lots of papers and forms and stuff. Daddy just makes sure that humans make the most of their money so they can buy lots of bonios and pay for our doggy holidays and vets bills and stuff. I think it would be cool if he worked at a pet shop or maybe a butchers…..

  3. I think you look so sweet perched in your special offices chair,I wonder whether Daddy would have said to you ” Take a letter Teagan, and help yourself to the biscuits”.

    Are you a good telephone bbrr girl?

    Bet Mummy really missed you though. Did you meet your pub doggy friends afterwards?

    Sweet dreams Teagan

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

  4. I enjoyed stopping by your blog today. Great pictures…especially the one where you didn’t quite make it to your dog bed! : )

  5. Teagan:

    You were very nice to go to work with your Dad.
    I think he was really pleased you came with him.
    Because what he does at work does not look like fun!

    Love from Sammy

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