A Walk in Moreton Forest

Today we decided to do a geocache that has been coming up as the “next nearest” for ages – Holly Tree View, a quick cache and dash into Moreton Forest. But we didn’t want to do just a quick cache and dash so we parked as usual in Turners Puddle. There were already two cars there, one of which had a geocaching sticker in the back window so they were probably doing the Turners Puddle caches.

We started off by walking down over the two fords to Throop and then along the lane towards Briantspuddle but we turned off up a farm track.

Off the road at last

We had to walk past some cows and a bull in the farmyard.

He was a big lad

I’m glad he was behind bars! After that we had to climb a stile and go through some trees.

Interesting sniffs along here

And then we had to go over a little bridge where I found some more interesting sniffs to investigate.

A bridge to... just over there

Before long we were in a lovely green field – I wonder if this funny little building is a reservoir. It’s been there a long time because there’s a tree growing on top of it!

What is it?

There were some more of the black cows in the field but luckily they were right over the other side and there was an electric fence, but I wasn’t going to take any chances!

Those dots in the distance might be sprinters!

Then we were back in the woods again.

I like the woods best

We walked through the woods until we got to a small road which we had to cross and then we walked down past a lovely big house where there were two benches for walkers and ramblers to sit on – the name on the plaques was John Anthony Reynolds 12 Aug 1924 to 27 Aug 2002.

On our way into some more woods

It’s a lovely big house with gardens on either side. We walked down along a path which lead us into the woods.

These daffodils are going to be pretty soon

We were walking along the track in the woods when a great big bouncy dog bounded up to say hello! His granny wasn’t far behind him – she was walking him for her son. His name was Frankie and he was quite young but still very big so I was a bit cautious..


After he and I had finished doing some zoomies, we quickly walked on ahead because of course we were on our geocaching mission!

Hurry up, we've got a geocache to find

Oh dear, I appear to have some slobber on my nose in that picture.. I’d been paddling in a bit of stinky water. Soon we were at another road and the parking spot for the “cache and dash” so we only had a matter of yards to go before we found the Holly Tree View geocache.

Found! Time for a quick chomp on a stick.

With the cache found it was time to re-trace our steps for a short distance and then take a path up towards Culpeppers Dish.


A different route back to Briantspuddle

Before we knew it we were back at the road again


We came down that little path up on the right

We decided not to walk through the village


Pretty houses

Instead we went straight on and over a bridge


We stopped at the bridge

This is the same river I swim in at Turners Puddle


The River Piddle

Just a little bit further along the road and we reached the footpath that would take us back to the car. We took the little detour back around Throop so I could have a swim to clean off in some fresh water and we also stopped to say hello to the “moustachioed” horse!


Horse with a Moustache

The end of another successful caching expedition.


~ by Teagan on March 5, 2011.

6 Responses to “A Walk in Moreton Forest”

  1. Oooh, I do love your adventures Teags. What wonderful photos of your walk…and the scary big bull!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

    • He was a big black bull and I didn’t want to get any closer to him!! He had huge feet that I wouldn’t want to be stomped on with.

  2. I know all those places,what a lovely story Teagan.

    We enjoyed reading about your adventure, can you remember how far you walked? What was that building under the tree roots then?

    Horsey with a moustache is very handsome, did he give you a whiskery lick?

    Love and woofs from Jack and True_Belle xx

    • It was a nice walk.. I think it was about 5 miles. I’m not sure if mummy will take me there again without daddy, in case she gets lost on her own! You and Jack could come too and then she wouldn’t get lost!
      We don’t know what that building was.. maybe a water tower that didn’t need legs because it was on top of a hill?

  3. Could the little building be something to do with second world war defences?

    Your dad’s figure is the same as ours!

    Billie and Alfie xx

    • Hmm maybe, but we didn’t see any little windows like there usually are.. and there was a pipe sticking out at the top, like an overflow, so we thought water. We’ll revisit one day and take a closer look.
      Wow, your dad has a pie tummy too? Mine is going to the gym again. It’s all MY fault of course. Walking me = more visits to pub = drinking beer. One can’t drink juice or white wine wearing wellies & barbour.

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