The Mysterious Sticks

Just recently we’ve been noticing these mysterious sticks appearing in the woods and around the heath on Black Hill.

Example No 1

They’re very neat sticks with orange tape around them and a number taped to them..

Example No 2

This one is up in a tree taped to a branch..

Example No 3

And this one is in the middle of my favourite swimming spot!

Example No 4

There’s even one on the top of this pile of gravel! It keeps me on my toes sniffing out these sticks… wondering what they’re doing and what their purpose is.

Sniffing out the sticks...

So if you know what these sticks are for… please let me know!


~ by Teagan on March 7, 2011.

6 Responses to “The Mysterious Sticks”

  1. We haz no idea, unless someone is plottin his escape from a minotaur! Woof

  2. Hmm, I wonder whether the local shoot left them behind? gun positions perhaps?

    OR- TREASURE TRAIL- not Geo cache though.
    Cross country trail maybe?

    Mysterious and more mysterious . Lovely picture of you ,Teagan btw.

    Woofs from Jack and True_Belle xx

    • They don’t shoot up here, at least I don’t think they do.. we have a PS to add to this blog because we have more information!! We think it’s some kind of treasure trail or orienteering, they did it last year with little flags. Anyway, watch this space!!

  3. Very strange if you ask me! I think you should chew them!

  4. Teagan:

    I don’t know what this could be.
    But it looks very auspicious.

    Is putting orange sticks in places against the law?
    It might be.
    But I think you definitely should find out.
    Because it could be dangerous.

    Or it could just be wrong.

    From Sammy

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