The Plot Thickens

Right, I’m assuming you’ve already read the post about The Mysterious Sticks. If not, what were you doing? Why didn’t you read it? Click on The Mysterious Sticks and go have a quick look, it won’t take you long because it’s only a short post. But if you’re going to ignore that and barge straight on don’t worry because you’ll probably figure out the plot without the background information.

Anyway, today we went on the same walk again.. well, more or less, and kept our eyes open for more sticks. The first thing we noticed was the stick in Example No 2 had been moved and the tree adorned with some silver tape!

Example No 2 - moved!!

It's a bit hard to see the stick

How odd. Anyway, we carried on and the next one we saw was the one by the gate – this one is pretty boring, it’s not actually attached to anything and was lying on the ground so we picked it up and leaned it up against the campsite sign.

This one's changed sides

The one in the gravel pit had mysteriously acquired a piece of shiny silver tape.

See the silver flag attached to it now?

The stick in my pond hadn’t been touched.. not surprising really because you would need long wellies to reach it. But, we did spot a new stick on a pathway that doesn’t actually go anywhere.

New Stick! Example No 5

It probably isn’t a new stick, we just didn’t spot it yesterday.  But maybe it was new because we also didn’t see this square thing yesterday.. it was in the same tree as it had been last year when little flags appeared.

This picture was taken 9/3/2011

This picture was taken 4/3/2010

Spooky isn’t it. Detective Teagan will keep you informed.



~ by Teagan on March 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Plot Thickens”

  1. Good morning Miss Teagan Marple- We love a mystery , and the clues are mounting up.

    Have you found any Red Herrings yet :O)

    We were wondering whether the tape on the tree and the orange markers were REFLECTIVE ?

    Perhaps markers for night time shennanigans? Are there any footprints you don’t recognise, what does your nose tell you?

    What are the numbers on the sticks for? Is there a sequence?

    I wonder if there is a stolen treasure trove buried somewhere.

    Woof ,’tis a proper Enid Blyton adventure moment.

    Love from Jack spaniel and Tru_Belle x

  2. Teagan, this is very intriguing, I must say. You need to keep your nose to the ground (and maybe in the trees too) so you can figure this out for us! Looking forward to hearing more…

  3. Hmmmm, ow strange. I ope is not haliens from outer space.Mebba call in elp from Rebus from twitter

  4. Do you think people do orienteering there? (I still think you should chew the sticks!)

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