Paws for Japan

My friend @MarleyTerrier gave me the nod about a virtual fund raiser being held for the animals in Japan. You can read about it in his splendid blogpost that you can see here.  He has a great blog so if you haven’t subscribed to it, you should, because it’s very good indeed.

Anyway,  I’m joining in with “Blog Paws Be the Change” in declaring Thursday, March 17th “Paws for Japan” Day to raise awareness of the World Vets effort and to encourage people to donate to their vital work.

Lots of the twitter anipals are either blogging or tweeting or posting on Facebook to join in, so you can too. If you want to join in you can read all about it here.

World Vets do lots of wonderful work all over the World, well, like the name says, they’re World Vets and you can read about all the work they do on their website. Or you can just save time and CLICK HERE to go directly to their Chip In page and make a donation.

This is just one dog being reunited with his owner. He is one of the lucky ones.

The Reunion

Lets help, one paw at a time…


~ by Teagan on March 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Paws for Japan”

  1. Hi Teagan. Wasn’t this blog hop/twitter pawty just the most amazing thing? So many great posts and so many great anipals helping Japan!

    See ya soon on twitter!

    • Yep it was great fun while doing something useful. I couldn’t get the blog hop thingy to work on my blog, but I was still in it I think.

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