Today I am going to do some serious drooling… in fact I think it’s what you might call a “droolfest”.

Mr Postman brought me a big jiffy bag, all for me.. it had my name on it!

For me!!

Well, I just couldn’t get in there fast enough… I caught a whiff of something nommy as mum un-stuck the jiffy bag for me.

Hope I don't get my head stuck

Well, with my head in the envelope I inhaled the wonderful odour..

Nommy Food!!!

Woof… can you smell it? Just put your nose up to the screen and take a big deep breath…

Isn't that heavenly?

Well I’m going to spend some time reading their menu. They deliver too… how good is that? If you want to drool over their menu you can do it HERE! Well, I think we might just try them out when I’ve eaten up our present supply of tripe. I’m soooo glad I entered that competition! Thank you Barf!!


~ by Teagan on March 18, 2011.

7 Responses to “BARF”

  1. OMC! Gross! I can smell it from here and am drooling too!!!



  2. How clever of you to win such a lovely tasty prize Teagan, extra large poos for you my girl!

    Jack had a lovely country walk with you and Mum the other day, and he thoroughly enjoyed his paddle in the River Piddle !

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

  3. Mmmnn… nommies!!!!!! 🙂 x x x

    • They were exceptionally tasty noms too!! I usually make things last but I’ve only got one chew stick and a tiny bit of piggy ear left…. the rest went in my tummy 😉

  4. *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffff* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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